Wednesday, July 27, 2011

They Think We're Too Stupid To Notice

They think we're too stupid to notice... Or too ignorant... Or too brainwashed by big money propaganda. Or maybe we're just too willing to look the other way... because it might mean having to do something about it... if we realized the severity of our predicament.

A radically right leaning faction of our government is holding us hostage, and they are willing to trash our economy – and our nation, to get their way. Because they know that some of us are too ignorant to remember by the next election.

They believe they can crash the economy and blame it all on Obama… and that some of us will believe it.

Maybe the radicals hope to write a last minute bill that Obama will have to sign, no matter how much he may not want to... to avert a debt default. Maybe the radicals just want to have it all their way, or else. But most obviously, they don't care if they ruin the economy, because they think they can just blame it all on Obama.

And then again, maybe some behind the radical right don't fear the collapse of the United States. Maybe some of them hope to be like Vladimir Putin, and rake in the money after the fall.

There is no immediate debt crisis. The stock market hasn't budged. And we're less than a week from defaulting. This whole debt ceiling crisis is contrived.

This debt ceiling debate has once again proven the obvious:

Pure representative democracy has failed us. Our elected representatives don't represent us any more. Technically speaking, we no longer have a democracy any more.

The American people wouldn't vote for this.

Face it; if we had a real democracy, we would be voting on issues such as this.

There is no reason we should have to rely on “representatives” to make our long-term policy decisions for us.

Pure representative democracy is just part of a corrupt system that keeps power out of the hands of the citizens of the United States. Combine that with a blatantly corrupt electoral system, and we get a political system that ignores the will of the people. That's not a democracy. That's a pretend democracy. Our government has gone “free market.” Legislation is for sale to the highest bidder. Our candidates are hand picked by the oligarchy before we ever get to vote for them. And our “for profit” news providers get richer every day telling us what they're paid to – and ignoring the obvious.

But they think we're too stupid to notice.

or at least too lazy (or afraid) to do anything about it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Star Trek was Just a Fantasy

Of course, we haven't completely given up on manned space travel. It's just that the Star Trek vision of space exploration is on the junk pile.

Forget about the prime directive.
We're all about profit now.

It looks like future space travel will look more like the movies
Total Recall or Alien.

(from the movie Total Recall)

(from the movie Alien)

Spoiler Alert!!!

You may recall that in the movie Total Recall, the evil corporate CEO wouldn't turn on the atmosphere generator on Mars because it would have made air free.

You may recall that in the movie Alien, their corporate bosses sent out astronauts to pick up the dangerous alien so that they could have possession of a new type of weapon.

Space is now all about the money.

Our new mantra:

To go where no corporation has gone before.