Saturday, August 25, 2012

What If Obama Canceled The Election?

I have crazy idea.
But maybe it isn't as crazy as I think.
What if President Obama were to delay the election – until we get the elections we really want?

I know; it sounds crazy.
Hear me out...

Every American knows that we're not getting what we're voting for. Our representatives no longer represent us.

Every American who is paying any attention knows that campaign contributions are essentially required bribes, and that our “elected representatives” are anything but. Our candidates are hand-picked long before we ever get to vote for them. And sadly; “free market” legislation has led to the self-destruction of America almost in the blink of an eye. What's worse is that, when we need it the most; our citizenry's electoral power to fix things is being stolen from us.

Every American who is paying any attention knows that there are people trying to steal the coming election. And this isn't something new. In the past three presidential elections, there has been a systematic effort to subvert our democracy:

After numerous voter registration purges, the “Supreme” Court gave away the 2000 election to Republicans without an official recount.

There was substantial evidence (and witnesses) that the 2004 election results were tampered with electronically. But there may have been another, low tech way the theft was perpetrated; uncounted votes.

There are accusations that President Obama lost 6 million votes in the 2008 election

And now we're witnessing Jim Crow like laws being enacted in numerous States, with the obvious intent of stealing the 2012 election. And now, even more than ever, nobody trusts those electronic voting machines.

President Obama has every right to claim that the November election will not even be close to fair.


What if President Obama were to declare the upcoming elections corrupted, and cancel them until outside organizations declare them fair?

Canceling the elections would make Obama president indefinitely, of course. The far Right would call him a dictator. And America would be in an uproar... But maybe not.

Americans might not be outraged if we saw a real chance at fixing our broken system.

I have faith in the American people working together. Together, we either know how, or could figure out how to fix things. Sadly, our present political system has held us back from that. Sadly, there is profit in subverting a system. Politicians for hire sell out to the highest bidder. And the highest bidder always wants the dirtiest deed. We desperately need to fix that.

Our legislators need crystal-clear mandates directly from the people. But they don't want them. They want all the power to decide our fate. They want to make our decisions for us. That's not really a democracy. We want a real democracy! And I guarantee that we won't get it through regular channels.
So... What if President Obama insisted on adding some direct democracy to our hopelessly corrupted political system?

What if President Obama offered us the opportunity to vote directly on policy issues? What if we had the right to vote on actual issues instead of voting for some corrupt representative? What if, for the first time in our Nation's history; “We The People” had some direct influence on policy decisions?

Everyone knows that our present system of checks and balances has failed us. Congress is at a standstill, and has been for 6 years. The only laws that have passed are so watered down they're often worse than nothing. We're not getting what we've paid for. We need more checks and balances. We need checks on the Legislative Branch of government. And we need to balance our political system in favor of our citizenry. We need something like a fourth branch of Government.

Direct democracy could function like a fourth branch of American government – a check and balance to the three branches that have swung so far from democracy.

Imagine; a fourth branch of government, consisting of “We The People.”

What if President Obama were to fight for a fair election with clear policy mandates legislators would have to follow? All President Obama would have to do is add 12 policy questions to the ballot.

What questions do I feel should be asked of “We The People?”

Here are 12 ballot question suggestions (with links to further information):

  1. Concerning any possible future bailout; should America require upper management of the bailed out company retire without golden parachute benefits?
  2. Should we amend the Constitution to counter the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United?
  3. Should we fundamentally reorganize the Federal Reserve System?
  4. Do we want a socialized medicine option?
  5. Should we break up (or impose level-playing-field regulations on) monopolies?
  6. Should we be able to vote out Supreme Court Justices?
  7. Should America retrain Federal military/security/intelligence employees for Federal civilian jobs?
  8. Do we want to end the war on drugs?
  9. Should mass media news be required by the FCC again to voice opposing opinions?
  10. Should there be a constitutional amendment to include direct democracy control over the Legislative Branch of Government?

These are all questions that Congress won't touch. These are all issues that are critically important for our future. These are all questions that “We The People” have every right to decide.

We might not even have to postpone the election. It is August as I write this. That gives us September and October to dump the electronic voting system for a monitored paper electoral system – and the same two months to print up ballots with policy questions added.

Or, if the anti-democracy folks don't like it; they can have Barrack Obama for President from now on.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Petition to Cancel the Las Vegas Watergrab

We don't want the watergrab!
And we need to let the Clark County Commissioners know.

Rural Nevada is in a drought too.

The watergrab is ecocide! A natural area almost the size of Vermont will be turned into a dustbowl. And Southern Nevadans neither need the water, nor can they afford the 15 billion dollar cost - for water for somebody else.

Besides; desalination would mean more water for everyone. Consider this: The U.S. Government owes Nevada for the water that was polluted during the nuclear weapons tests. The Federal Government should pay for desalination plants off the coast of California, supply California with desalinated water, and allow Southern Nevada to take more water from the Colorado River. (Saving Las Vegans 15 billion dollars - and all Nevadans a big chunk of the Great Basin)

That's why I created a petition to Clark County Commissioners, which says:

"Don't approve the Southern Nevada Water Authority Groundwater Development Project. It's massively destructive, shockingly expensive, and unnecessary."

Will you sign this petition? Click here: