Saturday, March 31, 2012

We're Winning The War On The Environment

The SNWA watergrab is not about the water. They'll take the water if they can, but this is actually about money.

What would some people do for a big chunk of 15 billion dollars?

Would they threaten the Nevada State Engineer?
Would they buy off the Clark County Commissioners?
Would they would they put the people of a Las Vegas deeply into debt for the rest of their lives for something they don't really need?

You're damn right they would.

This has been happening all over the Third World for decades. And this is now happening all over the United States.

Corrupt or misled municipalities have been committing to boondoggle projects all across the country that have drained their communities of generations of wealth.

This is the next predatory loan scam.

The people of Las Vegas don't need more water. If there are water restrictions, they'll just have to cut back on waste. There's plenty of time to build a pipeline if the situation becomes desperate.

But if SNWA does that; the pipeline construction mega-corporations, developers (of projects outside of Las Vegas), land speculators, and oligarchy banks won't get their money now.

Beware of a rapid effort to ram this boondoggle through before the people of Las Vegas have time to organize against it.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bad News, Good News, Consequences, Action

First the bad news; the Earth is full. 

Now the good news; Abundance is our future.

As both Paul Gilding and Peter Diamandis point out; we are in a difficult predicament, but we have hope for a much better future.


This isn't the future we are presently headed for. Our present path leads to a catastrophic compounding of our problems. For example; The true cost of oil.

But, things don't have to be this way.
The oil oligarchs want us to keep paying for oil, no matter how bad we don't need it. They are afraid of losing their multi-billion dollar income stream. This is literally insane behavior. They are more concerned about the survival of their companies than they are the survival of humanity.

Now for the great news:
a DOE funded company has developed a new lithium ion battery that has three times the charge capacity at half the cost of present lithium ion batteries. This is the price/performance point that some analysts consider the "holy grail" of battery characteristics required for mass commercialization in automobiles.

We don't need gas in cars built from now on.