Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Ely Times Wouldn't Even Post My Comment

I live near a small town out in the middle of Rural Nevada. Our local newspaper was purchased by a company called Battle Born Media, which also owns four other small newspapers in Rural Nevada. I often disagree with a regular Ely Times Opinion writer (and possibly the owner), Thomas Mitchell. But I haven't said anything in public - until now. I recently made a comment on his most recent Opinion "Be Careful What You Ask For - You Just Might Get It - Good And Hard." I feel I was respectful. I made salient points. And my comment was NOT posted. This was my comment:

In case you hadn't noticed, Mr. Mitchell has presented a very one-sided argument. His Editorial really could have used a counterpoint from a different perspective. And actually, I think they had one – that I sent as a Letter to the Editor – that didn't get published – not even online.

You can find my unpublished (by the Ely Times) LTE at

My LTE presented our energy issues looking forward to what we can do – unlike Mr. Mitchell's Editorial, which looks backwards at what we should have done. And by the way; renewables haven't cost three to four times as much as gas or coal-fired power in 30 years! I'm reading that renewables are on par or even cheaper in some places.

And I was reading in Motley Fool that the real reason Las Vegas casinos are leaving NVEnergy is; “that Nevada has plenty of sunshine and lots of land to build solar fields to provide energy that is cheaper than buying power from the utility.”

But what the naysayers to renewable energy so often leave out is that eventually the private owner of say, solar panels, will eventually generate the equivalent power to pay for their system – and from then on their power is effectively free. And solar panels last a long time. There are solar cells built in the 1950's still working.

The Ely Times has been very accommodating to me in the past, and has published every LTE I have sent them in the past 10 years. I thank them for that, and hope that readers' opinions continue to be important to the newspaper.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How Our Rural Power Co-op Could Be Improved

I recently sent this letter to the Editor of the Ely Times:

The General Manager of Mt. Wheeler Power (MWP), Randy Ewell, recently wrote an article titled “Co-op Advocates for Members” in the Ruralite. In my opinion, Mr. Ewell could do a much better job of advocating for MWP members by focusing less on minimizing rates and more on maximizing value.

In his article, Mr. Ewell noted that “utilities have proposed the Ratepayer Protection Act” as a counter to living by standards of the Clean Air Act. Moreover, he wants politicians to legislate coal ash as “nonhazardous.” Now wait a minute. Shouldn't scientists be deciding whether coal ash is hazardous or not (it is). And the highly respected journal SCIENCE has just published a prediction that “one out of every six species could face extinction if global warming continues on its current path.” Let's face it, you shouldn't feel protected by this Act... And to advocate the extinction of the Sage Grouse by denying its classification as “endangered” is much worse than irresponsible.

Yes, the EPA seeks to “fundamentally change how electricity is generated, distributed, and consumed.” That's a good thing. Besides, the coal-fired power plant we rely on is reaching the end of its projected service life – which means rates are bound to go up do to increased maintenance costs. Consequently, MWP co-op now has an extraordinary opportunity to focus more on what this community really needs.

MWP has already become a power broker for distributed renewable energy by paying low rates for net-metered power. When my solar panels generate more power than I use, MWP can sell that power to others, with a higher mark-up than coal-fired power. Energy storage is becoming a reality for utilities. MWP can store excess renewable power for use during peak hours (when costs for fossil fuel generated power is the highest). And also, MWP can finance the installation of solar panels and windmills. Don't panic Mr. Ewell. MWP will still be making money. Besides, our need is growing. Many of us will be buying electric cars, and will want even more electricity.

Someday, MWP might want to purchase a small fleet of electric cars to taxi people around town (or ride share). MWP will have access to the cheapest electricity, which will keep costs down. Not as many people will need cars, keeping money in the community. And MWP's need for an electric car mechanic will result in a shop to fix electric cars locally – meaning more people will be willing to buy electric cars here.

MWP might even be interested in leasing use of electrically powered manufacturing equipment (3D printers, CNC milling machines, etc.) The community will benefit by manufacturing things here – and MWP will sell more electricity.

MWP's future looks bright. We just have to be willing to consider multiple income streams and the changing economic paradigm that can make this community more self-reliant.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Offender Feels Offended

Thom Hartmann recently quoted some Pastafarian (those who believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster) beliefs on XM radio. His point was obvious; to show that the recent absurd “Supreme” Court decision on Hobby Lobby has potentially serious consequences... But the very first comment call he got was somebody trying to shut him up – not about the “Supreme” Court decision – but about even mentioning the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

All I can say about this offended caller is that he really needs to study history and current events about what supposedly good Christians have done – and are still supporting – before he goes off about playful criticism.

I get Thom's point. If Hobby Lobby doesn't have to pay for womens' health care because it's against their religious viewpoint, that opens a huge can of worms on other religious viewpoints.

But that was of no concern to this caller. Though it was obvious that Thom picked Pastafarian beliefs as an absurd example of how far this could go, all the caller cared about was that Thom Hartmann dared to talk about the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the same paragraph as Christianity.

The caller was incensed that Thom would even mention what is blatantly a made up religion along side his authentic religion. This caller tried to convince us that somehow, Thom Hartmann said something horribly insensitive and politically incorrect.

Now wait a minute...

First; if somebody out there wants to start a religion just to point out how silly it is to believe in something without any proof, maybe they have a point. And if they do have a relevant point, it is repression to keep the Pastafarians from making it – not the other way around. I'm sick and tired of hearing religious zealots claiming they are being oppressed by being prevented from essentially oppressing others. And that's exactly what this guy was trying to do. He didn't want anybody to even know there might be alternative viewpoints to his. And I bet I know where he learned his tactic. The Christians learned it from the Jews.

For decades now, anybody who says anything negative about Israel is immediately branded an anti-Semite – thus inferring they are a Nazi. The tactic has worked time and time again – no matter what Israel has done.

Now; before you brand me an anti-Semite, allow me to say this. There are good and evil people who are Jewish, just like everybody else. Some Jews have a heart of gold. Some Jews have a heart of stone. And the Jews who misuse the anti-Semite accusation just to shut people up are evil. And borrowing this tactic to shut up free thinkers is just as evil.

Second; this “offended” Christian has no sense of history. My ancestry is Native American. Christians crushed my Native culture. My grandparents were both (legally) kidnapped and forced to attend Indian Schools – run by “good” Christians. My grandmother once told me that if they spoke their Native language, they would be beaten. In fact, if they were caught holding onto any of their Native culture, they would be beaten. By any reasonable standards, if this were to happen to adults; this kind of treatment would be considered systematic torture and brainwashing. But they were heathen children, so it was OK – even commendable. My culture was stolen from us by Christians – who used ridicule and abuse (not humor) to force my people to assimilate to their way of thinking. And moreover, no Christian church has ever spoke out against this kind of hideous behavior while it was happening. The silly acts of Pastafarians are in no way even close to injustices Christians have committed.

Third; what does this type of offended behavior actually represent? Was it an attempted act of repression? I would surmise what this caller was trying to tell us is: “Don't even think about questioning my perception of reality.” I guess I can see that point. Everyone has the same vantage point – through our own eyes. We're all only human. Maybe we don't have a right to question each others' perception of reality. But what if one of us were wrong, and the other saw that? Don't we have a duty to help each other? Don't we have a duty to help each other find the truth. If I worded this comment as a strategy for spreading his religion, the offended Christian would likely agree with me fully. But if I worded this as a strategy for changing his religion, the offended Christian might literally be willing to go to war with me. What does that tell us?

It sounds like this offended Christian has been brainwashed to me. (Let's face it, Christians use a milder form of the same manipulative techniques that they used in Indian Schools – on their own children.) And what shows me that he might be brainwashed? His anger at those who would question his perception of reality – which almost blatantly obviously is a psychological defense mechanism to keep him from even considering any alternative world view.

If someone made a point that challenged my personal beliefs, I would consider the point's merits and adjust my beliefs if necessary.
Yet, if someone were brainwashed; one would expect them to be programed to resist all efforts at reason. In that way, the brainwashing will hold.

But it isn't the churches I'm afraid of. For the most part, they really do want you to do good. But what if someone saw the power of the churches and decided to use fundamentalist religious manipulative techniques for political aims?

I'm suspicious that the powers that be (the oligarchy) saw that the religious fundamentalists were easy to manipulate, so they decided to create a political party based upon fundamentalist religion manipulation techniques. It wouldn't be necessary to start a political party from scratch (the oligarchy is inherently lazy and corrupt). So, they just took over a party. You know, like the Tea Party.

I'm suspicious that this offended Christian is a product of political manipulations that have driven him to outrage over anything that doesn't fit into his handlers' (the oligarchy's) political agenda (getting even richer – at the expense of everyone and everything else). This offended caller sounded so committed to his beliefs that it would be easy to consider the possibility that rather than question his own faith, he might kill anyone who did. I'm not exaggerating. There are plenty of examples of violent behavior at the hands of Christians.

My ex-wife once told me of her grandfather, who was an outspoken atheist. They found his dead body hanging upside down with a cross carved in his back.

Religion does not always manifest itself as sanity.
...Or as Hunter S. Thompson used to say; “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Was this offended caller sane? We don't know. All we know is that he was willing to go on a nationally syndicated radio talk show and claim that an injustice was made by the reading of an article about a silly religion (not his own). Just the implied comparison to his own religion was enough to send him on a rant. Could he be a homicidal maniac? Thom Hartmann sure backed off quick.

Now before you go and call me a communist (the Christian propaganda equivalent to anti-Semite), remember; what we should be after is the truth.

I don't care what religion you are.
As long as your religious acts don't detrimentally effect me.
Be Pastafarian. Be Christian. Be Jewish. Be Muslim. I don't care.
Just don't mess up my life.

But the fanatics are never satisfied with that.

For the fanatics, like those in the Tea Party; it's either they rule or they tear down the walls. It's either they rule, or they shut down the country. It's either they rule, or those who do run things are the Antichrist – even if they're Christian too.

Finally, getting back to Thom Hartmann's point; a number of religions have religious beliefs that don't coincide with America's policies. No religions believe in unjust wars. Some religions don't believe in war at all. But let's just talk about one war for now.

There is a “war” going on in Palestine and Israel now. A very one-sided war.

America, for decades, has been giving Israel billions of dollars in military aid. And the Palestinians are no match for the military might of Israel. As a Native American, I see this occupation of lands in Palestine as a similar situation to what America did to Native Americans in the 1800s. The Palestinians were living in Palestine, bothering no one. Suddenly, some foreign country claimed that their land was now the property of Jewish settlers. The Palestinians didn't like it. So they were forced onto what looks a lot like Indian Reservations or even Nazi Concentration Camps. They didn't like it. So now they're being forced into the sea.

As a Native American, it is a fundamental conviction (call it religious if you want) that I not support the military invasion of an indigenous people by an aggressive culture. As the Jews once said; “NEVER AGAIN!” The repetition of the pain of what happened to my ancestors goes deeply against my personal beliefs. I can't think of any American foreign policy that would offend me more.

I suspect that many Native Americans find it repugnant that their tax dollars are going to support the violent oppression of a Native people in the Middle East.

Native Americans should not have to pay taxes to support the oppression of the Palestinian people. In a way, it is a further oppression of us – by forcing us to pay for the oppression of others. In time, I hope that some Native American religious organization will challenge this outrage, this oppression, this sacrilege; by utilizing the Hobby Lobby decision.

...And I bet this “war” would end in a heartbeat if America threatened to cut off our military “aid” to Israel.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Understanding Our Fate – To Overcome It

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
Aldous Huxley
That men do not learn much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history.”
Alduos Huxley

There are those who believe that humanity is the epitome of all life.
In fact; there are those who believe that humans were made in the image of God.
However; there are also those of us who have come to the conclusion that humanity is more like an adaptation to a system of adaptation.
These points of view can lead to quite different attitudes about change.

The “image of God” folks are obviously inclined to believe that change carries with it the risk of a fall from grace. While the adapters (like myself) tend to view traditions as only going so far – and evolution as necessary – even desirable.

The Theory of (Genetic) Evolution has often been a point of contention between those who believe in God and those who believe in freedom of thought. However, nowhere in the Theory of Evolution is God even mentioned.

The Theory of Evolution defines a process... that's it.
That's it.

If one has a preconceived notion of how we came to be or what our place is in the universe, the Theory of Evolution may feel like blasphemy. But it isn't. Whether or not God exists, the Theory of Evolution is simply the next step in our education of who we are. With that education, we just might be able to better figure out who we want to become. Humans have evolved to the point where we can actually plan our society's evolution. And obviously, we critically need to do that.

Humanity has prospered because we not only have been able to adapt to the challenges our Environment has presented us, but because we also have been able to adapt our Environment to our desires... And it turns out humanity is pretty good at changing things.

Which leads to our dilemma. We have changed our world so much (both purposefully and inadvertently) that we have brought on the Sixth Great Extinction. Our evolutionary advantage has turned on us.

I am convinced that this has been our destiny.

But it doesn't have to be – if we evolve.

To change our situation, we have to understand it. And to do that, we have to think like Darwin. We have to ask ourselves some difficult questions. And we have to understand our limitations. That's right; even if we were made in the image of God – we are far from gods. So let's stop pretending we already have all the answers.

What we do know is that humanity has a history of civilizations rising and collapsing. Our ancestors have created amazing civilizations that eventually could no longer stand on their own because of the consequences of the actions of those civilizations. This process is key to understanding the human condition. (And some civilizations in history did figure it out.) 

The seeds of humanity's failures lie in the consequences of our success. We have evolved to adapt our environment to our needs so well that we now can destroy the Environment we so dearly need to survive. 

There is a cycle of human civilizations where we alter our natural environment to our benefit, resulting in a population growth that ultimately leads to the destruction of our life-supporting environmentand the collapse of our civilization. Lots of people die, which gives the environment time to recoverand then the cycle starts again.  

We all sense this. And yet, we are still animals. Even with this understanding, we haven't been able to stop it (yet).

If our civilization does eventually collapse, there will be pundits who will proclaim the “failure” of science. They will be ignorant fools. Our problems don't stem from our understanding of science. Our problems stem from our application of our knowledge of science.

Everyone believes in cars and computers and smart phones and satellites, but close to half of Americans don't “believe” in Global Warming. As a culture; we believe in tools that give us a temporary advantage, but we don't want to believe that there are long-term consequences to having and using those tools.

But this isn't about what we “believe.”
The facts are there.
It's just that too many of us are too busy chasing a position of status, a dream of infinite wealth, or the next piece of tail to bother to look.

This reminds me of the line to a song:
I'm just a squirrel, trying to get a nut.”

...And some of us have done an amazing job of collecting nuts. However, if we collect too many nuts; there won't be any more nut trees because we collected all the nuts!

My point is simple. We need to adapt.

Evolution is a system of adaptation to an environment.
Humanity has adapted to adapt our Environment.
We now need to learn to adapt our system of adapting our world.

Again; the facts are there.
Scientists have for decades been warning us.
Scientists have for decades been advising us on better alternatives.
But we've been ignoring them for decades and focusing on the mass media advertised next new thing – because they've been promising us the new tools, toys, and treats.

Bark, beg, drool...

If there is a God, it has shown us how to create systems that work. Just look at Nature. (You know; God's creation.) These systems have been around for billions of years. There is no waste. And the ultimate “goal” is apparently a state of adaptive balance.

We are the beings changing the Earth – which is forcing us to change. If we hesitate – if we continue to rely on failing systems – if we wait until our system collapses, far too many of us could be forced to step back to simpler systems we can longer know live in. That would result in a desperate, starving humanity treating life on Earth like “bush meat.” We can't go back. Humanity must adapt or die – NOW!

Evolution has almost provided us with the capacity to foresee and act upon our dilemma. We must continue to evolve. But we have more options than the other animals. We have the option to evolve our society. We have the option to evolve our culture. And with the advance of science, we might even be able to genetically “evolve” without having to suffer the pain of death every generation.

Evolution is evolving.

And hopefully, we have evolved to the point where we can plan it.

If we don't, change will just go to the highest bidder – until our systems collapse under the weight of corruption and resource depletionagain.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Snake Valley Festival

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Snake Valley celebrates Sixth Annual Water Festival June 20-22 in Baker, Nevada.

Friends and supporters of Snake Valley will gather in Baker, Nevada during the weekend of June 20-22 for the sixth annual Snake Valley Festival to celebrate and raise funds in support of community preservation. All are invited to join in. All proceeds from the festival events will benefit the Great Basin Water Network ( to help protect the water and environment in eastern Nevada and the west desert of Utah.

An ice cream social in front of Baker Hall and a Great Basin beer tasting at the Border Inn will kick off events Friday night. All of the brews featured at the beer tasting are brewed with water from the Great Basin. "The Festival helps Great Basin Water Network to keep water in Snake Valley," said Abby Johnson of the Great Basin Water Network. "It's a fun way to raise awareness and money at the same time." Stick around after the beer tasting for the Pageant and Talent Show to help crown Mr. and Ms. Snake Valley and dance until midnight with Pistol Rock.

With their unique blend of rock, blues, and folk music, Trotta and Ronstadt with James Dalton are headlining the Festival with concerts at Centennial Arts Center in Ely, Nevada Friday evening beginning at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday afternoon at the Border Inn in Baker at 2 pm. Michael Ronstadt, cellist, and David Trotta, an accomplished solo artist and multi-faceted instrumentalist, incorporate a multi-cultural blend of music and storytelling. In addition, James Dalton, also a storyteller and multi-talented musician, brings the trio full circle. These talented musicians will also lead music and storytelling workshops for all ages throughout the weekend.

Saturday includes of a host of activities promising something for everyone. The day will begin with a community breakfast to help everyone fuel up for the small town parade which will complete its circuit twice, lest any spectators blink and miss it. The day will continue with food and craft booths, a yard and book sale, a silent auction, a homemade pie sale, cowboy poetry and music, kids’ games, and a massive water fight

The day will culminate with a BBQ and live auction at the Border Inn featuring local art, unique jewelry, vintage cast iron cookware and heritage jams, jellies and preserves made with fruits and vegetables grown in Snake Valley. 

The fun continues Sunday morning with the Snake Valley Slither a 5 or 10K run/walk. Participants are encouraged to don their best costumes to slither through the course.

The Snake Valley Festival has something for everyone. Come out and experience a parade that welcomes anyone to become part of it, join the water fight at the playground, browse the silent auction, and enjoy some of the great food. Peer through the solar telescope to observe the sun or join the evening astronomy program at Great Basin National Park. Join the fun!” urged Gretchen Baker, Festival Organizer.

For more information and a list of events, go to or call 775/234-7357.

For more information on the Southern Nevada Water Authority pipeline project, please visit

Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Post-Modern Parallel Universe

  • Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
  • Almost every civilization that has ever existed has collapsed.
  • Some civilizations did not collapse because they adapted.
  • The Internet is a tool capable of stimulating massive, rapid adaptation.
  • If monopolies control the Internet, our civilization will be less capable of adapting – which could be disastrous on a scale we have yet to imagine.

Have you ever noticed how economists never seem to talk about science? Sure, economists have all kinds of technical looking charts and graphs. And they have a whole language of scientific sounding terms. But rarely do you hear them mention the pure sciences. It's as if economics is a separate study unaffected by the rest of the world. It's as if economics is a parallel universe – where only money matters.

And politicians aren't much better. They pretty much defer to the economists. 

On the other hand; real scientists (such as conservation biologist and Professor Emeritus of University of Arizona, Guy R. McPherson) have published books that warn of dire consequences of continuing on our path of environmental exploitation. Guy R. McPherson's book, Going Dark, even warns of a possibility of humanity's extinction by 2040!

There are conspicuous signs we are already straining the Earth's capacity to support us. We have already witnessed recent mass unrest worldwide due, at least in part, to lack of food – due, at least in part, to Global warming due, at least in part, to human activities.

...And recently on The Cobert Report, Edward O. Wilson (one of the smartest scientists I know of) reminded us that humanity isn't just experiencing the Earth's sixth extinction event on Earth – we are the extinction event.

When legitimate scientists warn us that we could drive ourselves to extinction in the near term, we need to pay attention. But even though scientists have been warning us since the 1960's, humanity has not acted with real commitment.

Evidently, our money obsessed culture has tried to create a “parallel universe” society that doesn't reflect the actual world we live in – so that we won't have to face our planet's limitations. However, of course; pretending there is no precipice does not take it away.

In our dysfunctional society; it's not about the balance of life on the planet, it's about the balance sheets that tell us our profits and losses. We have become disconnected with our world, and yet we've somehow convinced ourselves we see a clearer view (on television, of course).

Far too many people have been convinced that our fossil fuel dependent economy matters more than our environment. But it is so blatantly obvious that every economy on Earth combined are just a subset of our planet's Environment.

Example: Our present economy relies heavily on fossil fuels. Through the main stream media, those who sell and use fossil fuels have conned us into believing our economy would collapse without them. So, we continue to burn fossil fuels. Now, scientists have found that we have consequently pushed the West Antarctica ice sheet past its tipping point – which guarantees a 10 foot sea level rise... NASA scientist Thomas P. Wagner has said; “This is really happening.”... “There's nothing to stop it now.” And NASA glaciologist Eric Rignot has said; “The system is in sort of a chain reaction that is unstoppable.” … And a 10 foot sea level rise pretty much guarantees a collapse of everyone's economies.

Nonetheless; one in four Americans take no stock in Global Warming. That's right, one in four Americans get their science education from advertiser supported main stream media “news.” What's astounding about this is that they have to wait for that “education” while watching countless advertisements from fossil fuel companies. Haven't they ever heard the term; “follow the money”? Though this is the epitome of gullibility, one in four Americans would rather believe that Global Warming is some sort of scientists' conspiracy than seriously concern themselves with cutting back on fossil fuel consumption.

Obviously, far too many of us simply don't want to know the truth.
The truth is just too depressing... and horrifically scary.

In the real world; every technological innovation humanity has ever invented has had (sometimes far reaching) consequences.
In the parallel universe; it's OK to build nuclear power plants, because somebody will soon invent a way to deal with all the nuclear waste.

In the real world; our planet has only a limited number of resources.
In the parallel universe; we can make out like bandits selling scarce resources.

In the real world; climate change is beginning to disastrously effect every place on the planet.
In the parallel universe; we won't have to wear jackets in the Winter.

In the real world; almost every civilization that has existed has collapsed.
In the parallel universe; our super-superior civilization cannot fail – no matter how hard we push it to the brink.

In the real world; the Earth is now in it's sixth great extinction event – and most of this extinction is human caused.
In the parallel universe; we can't know this – or we don't care to remember it.

In the real world; when you die, you rot.
In the parallel universe; if you pray to the right God, he will rescue you from the predicament humanity has created.

(Now wait a minute... God is going to save us from killing off all of his creations? If you believe that after destroying life on Earth – all of God's creations, we will be welcome in Heaven; then you really are thinking in a parallel universe.)

What if the “sky is falling” scientists are right?
What if we are on the short road to extinction by going the direction we are headed?
Then we obviously need to change that direction.
We need to start thinking in the real world.
It has basically come down to; adapt or die.

(I'm reminded of the scene in the movie Blade Runner, where Eldon Tyrell, the insanely-rich oligarch, says to the engineered human; “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And you have burned so very, very brightly....”)

Blade Runner depiction of Los Angeles in the future

It may be that, in order to get where we are today, our civilization had to “break some eggs”. (In case you're not familiar with the quote; “If you want an omelet, you have to break some eggs.”)

Maybe we had to create an unstable society to nurture the innovations we have seen. Maybe our fatal weaknesses are unavoidable hidden consequences of our greatest strengths. Maybe intelligent life is its own greatest enemy. But then again maybe, if we accepted our predicament; we might change our behavior – and fix our problems.

Money is just a tool. All tools can be misused. But we have the capacity to learn how not to misuse our tools.

Humanity's extinction by 2040?
...We can do better than that.

But how?

...Not by thinking in an imaginary parallel universe – by honestly assessing our real world situation and creatively devising better ways to deal with it.

We need to work together. We need to notice everyone's ideas. We need to fix our systems and to develop new ones that work even better.

That's why the Internet is so important.
That's why the monopolization of the Internet might just be the hindrance that blocks us from fixing critical things – which could lead to humanity's extinction. 

So, why wouldn't everyone want net neutrality? Because if they can control the flow of information, they can make money for doing nothing.  

In the real world; life is full of predators, parasites, and swindlers. There are people who want us to think in their parallel universe. That's how they control us. That's how they enslave us. That's how they keep up their outdated multi-billion dollar income streams. That's how they crush better ideas. That's how they ruin our future.

Throughout history, there have always been scheming demons who have wanted to control others, to manipulate them, and to dominate their minds. These lying thieves want your wealth. They want you to be their part-time slave. They want you to fight and die for their exploits of greed. And they want you to think that they are your “friend.”

...But first of all, they want to control what you know.

They have controlled mass media ever since they monopolized print media over a century ago. But they don't have control over the Internet – yet.


Net Neutrality assures that the scheming demons can't buy their way into your mind.

Which is why the ISPs want to get rid of net neutrality – there's really big money in accessing your mind.

They tried to buy off Congress. But killing net neutrality was far too unpopular. So they tried taking their corrupt case to the corrupt Supreme Court. They won. But only if the FCC allowed them to sell access. They had that covered too. They had convinced President Obama to appoint an industry mole, Tom Wheeler, to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

President Obama's FCC chief is lying to us about his position on net neutrality. He is on the fast track to ignore the people, enrich the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and destroy the free flow of information humanity so desperately needs. 

Now would be a good time to urge President Obama to fire Tom Wheeler from the FCC. But we can only assume Obama, the first President elected by the Internet, wants this. He hired him. 

The good news is that individuals are not the only ones fighting this. Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, and Yahoo are on our side. We can win this... again. (And of course, they will try again... eternal vigilance...)

You only have a few more days to make a comment to the FCC.
To make a comment to the FCC: click here

...And if the FCC fails to act in the best interests of America and the world?

Then we need to build our own Internet. This isn't as hard as it sounds. We could connect in an open mesh network. Essentially, we could eliminate the need for ISPs. This is already being done in other parts of the world – for far less money, much better connection speeds, and better privacy from the NSA.

The ISPs have been overcharging us for connection to the Internet for too damn long. And now they're using our money to steal control over the Internet to ultimately charge us even more. What's worse, they may make it very difficult for small websites to be accessed. Essentially, the ISPs want to make the Internet like cable TV – devoid of fresh ideas.

We don't need the ISPs. They charge far too much. And we certainly don't want them to control what we know.

The information we share on the “neutral” Internet may include the tools to save our civilization – maybe even our species.

It's that important.