Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Tea Party Has Given Up On America

I believe I've finally figured out the Tea Party. This is the Party of the exasperated. These are the people who have decided that, whatever it takes, they no longer want to be the Nation's beasts of burden.

The Tea Party followers are exasperated at watching for decades as their hard-earned tax dollars just leak away. And that leak has turned into a flood. Every month we hear about a massive new waste of money. Years ago, we heard about how the military was requisitioning toilet seats (etc.) at 10 times retail. More recently, we heard about 9 billion dollars in Iraqi reconstruction money that just “disappeared”. There was the Savings and Loan bailout in the 1980s, followed by the Enron/Worldcom/etc. scandals, and then the massive Bush bank bailouts. There are the multi-billion dollar taxpayer funded subsidies that go to the filthy rich fossil fuel industry. There has been the monopolization of just about everything over the past 30 years. And there has been the outsourcing of American jobs that has practically led to the collapse of our manufacturing industry in America.

The Tea Party followers have every right to be exasperated. Especially when they hear about so many of the greedy among the rich who don't pay their fair share of taxes – or even no taxes at all!

But what bothers me about the Tea Party is it appears that they would just be happy with a bigger slice of the pie. It appears they have given up on ever really fixing our system. In a way, this is giving up on America.

What has confounded me most about the Tea Party is that they are more angry at poor Mexicans on Medicare than big wealthy corporations on Fedicare. But what I now realize is that they now see this as a pecking order. If the rich can oppress them, maybe they can oppress the poor.

Sorry Tea Party, the rich already oppress the poor too. You've been left out in the cold again. You won't get your tax breaks – or at least not any more that you already get from the Obama administration. You won't get any more individual freedom than you already have. No, just more corporate freedom (to take advantage of us). In fact, all you will really achieve will be a reduction in your tax money coming back to you. Expect massive spending cuts on social programs you might benefit from. Expect the privatization of your Social Security – with consequences similar to what happened to your 401Ks. Expect to be disappointed – again.

A vote for the (big money dependent) Independents is a vote to be even more of a beast-of-burden for the powers-that-be. The big money hasn't spent millions to manipulate the elections to give you a break. Which is why we have to (together) get the big money out of elections.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Vast Proto-Fascist Conspiracy - Part II

They tell me that age brings wisdom. But I learned a long time ago that adage isn't always true. It was a long time ago I vowed never to join that sea of white hair I saw in a casino in Laughlin in the Winter time. And it was a long time ago I vowed not to be burdened with a preventable disease. Because sadly, all too often age just brings on the consequences of an irresponsible life. Nonetheless, it is true that age can bring wisdom, if one cultivates it. It was a long time ago I vowed to always be growing emotionally and intellectually. It was a long time ago I vowed to root out the truth.

...And I suspect that there are millions of people who are like me.

There is a slowly growing powerful and authentic revolution happening right now. Right now... We want to change. We want to adapt. We want to live better – not just now, but for a very long time.

For example; I recently read that in a survey, 90% of Americans want solar power.

We want to do the right thing. We want our society to mature gracefully.

...But wanting to do the right thing is far more difficult when there are very rich and powerful people who would rather we keep sending them money.

There are a handful of peculiarly selfish billionaires who have utilized “any means necessary” to stop this societal growth (maturation). Apparently, these self-appointed “ultra-conservatives” (actually proto-fascists) don't want to grow up. And apparently, they don't want us to change (and thus adapt) either. Because if we do, then we might not need them – and might stop sending them so much of our money. Apparently, all they want us to be their wage slaves forever. Apparently, all they want is to own everything. Apparently, all they can hope for is to live out their sick perception of life; that winning absolutely in an evil world requires one to be evil (also). And apparently, they're willing to lie, cheat, and squeal to get their socially perverted way:

  • They will pay people to lie for them, by omission; with millions of dollars in “advertisements.”

  • They will pay even more millions for even more lies to be repeated incessantly; with attack ads and (propaganda) pundit comments.

  • They will create unscrupulous organizations specifically for purpose of systematically monkey-wrenching all grass roots efforts to fix things (in ways that might detrimentally effect their bottom line).

  • They will buy off politicians; with “campaign contributions”.

  • They will buy off bureaucrats; with implied future job opportunities.

  • They will willingly subvert our laws and our constitution; with new laws – or exemptions.

  • And they will manipulate our laws so that they can manipulate our democracy – by manipulating as many susceptible minds as they can.

I know. That last comment sounds a little paranoid. Manipulating susceptible minds? Absolutely.

It is common knowledge that almost 20% of our population is easily hypnotized. If you've seen a hypnotist's act, it's amazing just how simple the process is. Some people seem to be practically hard-wired to be “subjects.” This is nothing to be embarrassed by. It is, however, something to always keep in mind – because not all aspiring hypnotists hope to become lounge acts.

Some aspiring hypnotists are hoping to influence an army of followers to do their bidding – which ironically is sometimes just to stay distracted.

I really like Matt Taibbi's definition of the Tea Party: “millions of pissed-off white people sent chasing after Mexicans on Medicaid by a handful of banks and investment firms who advertise on Fox and CNBC.”

Of course, Matt Taibbi left out the oil billionaires. The Koch brothers are the primary financial force behind the takeover (and subsequent sell out) of the Tea Party. Hey, isn't it strange that Koch Industries made their initial wealth in the Soviet Union – and now they fund Tea Baggers who call patriotic Americans (like our President) Communists (and Socialists, and Nazis, and whatever else their manipulated minds can dream up). And by the way, what a blatant conflict of interest for the Koch brothers, oil billionaires, to be funding climate change denial propaganda.

Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had a little something to say about their efforts to gut California environmental laws. Governor Schwarzenegger said; “Does anyone really believe that these companies, out of their black-oil hearts are really spending millions and millions of dollars to protects jobs? It's not about jobs at all. It's about their ability to pollute and thus protect their profits.”

We've been convinced by the (profits are more important than truth) mass media that it's all about the struggle between the Left and the Right. However, when it comes to politicians making executive decisions, there isn't really that much difference between Conservative and Liberal politicians. The proto-Fascists want us to believe that Republicrats are our only option. And because we've allowed money to rule our elections, they're right. Even the so called Independents are dependent upon corporate funding.

In 2009, corporations outspent both the Republican and Democratic Parties. This year, it's far worse. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending millions of corporate dollars (many of those dollars from foreign contributors) to influence us. Is there election fraud? Well, these are people who have shown time and again that all that matters to them is winning. And their propaganda/influence organizations are multiplying. The Club for Growth (mentioned in Part I) is just a Wall Street front group. In fact, there are so many PACs and superPACs that no casual observer can keep track of them. Here is a graph of a few, showing which billionaires pay their bills:

This isn't about the Left and the Right at all! This is about greedy powerful people (who have more than enough already) taking everything they can get – no matter what the consequences. This is about lying to us to steal our future. This is about psychopathic behavior. This is about our society being right on the verge of creating a wonderful future, and having it ripped away by selfish fools playing “monopoly” with our planet!

But some Americans think that if they side with the winning team, they can be winners too. Tragically, they're treating reality like a football game. They assume that if they root for the winning team, somehow they'll be pulled along by the super-rich "capitalists" coattails. No, actually that makes them the biggest losers – because they are the easiest to take advantage of (by the winning exploiters).

The economy (and the wars, and the environment, and our dysfunctional government) have left a number of Americans feeling vulnerable and frightened – or worse. Really bad things have happened to a lot of good people. Desperation is an option.

But there is no going back.

It just isn't physically possible.

It is time to grow.

In fact, it's time for a revolution of maturity.

The Democrats won't be our saviors, but at least they won't fight us as hard.

In one way, politics is like poker.

If you don't ante up, you don't get dealt a hand.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

From The Frying Pan Into The Fire


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President Ronald Reagan once said; “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help.”

Well, I'm hearing something far scarier these days.

Organizations I've never heard of, with little traceability to their contributors, are endlessly running expensive attack ads on television; with the obvious intent of secretly taking over.

Essentially, this is what they're telling us:

We're not from the government, in fact we're not going to tell you who we are – but we're here to help.”

That can't possibly be good.

Think about it. If those who wish to be puppet masters actually had good intentions, they would be proud to tell us who they are.

What do you think their plan is – other than taking as much as they possibly can? They definitely don't want to collapse our civilization (though they push us ever closer). They probably don't want to make us subjects of China (or at least most of them don't). But they probably don't really care if our economy tanks – as long as they make out. My guess is that they don't really have a plan.

Oh, they definitely have a scheme, but they haven't really thought through the possible consequences.

They want it all for themselves – and if we suffer; too bad. And if our political, economic, and natural systems fail, oh well... they're arranging to have custom life boats.

If you are one of them, I plead with you; taking advantage of the rest of the Nation is not sustainable. Eventually, even the custom life boats will leak. And until then, what kind of life is it to be locked up inside a gated community, afraid of the poor and unable to experience the natural world for the rest of your life?

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Vast Proto-Fascist Conspiracy

Politics is not a game. Winning elections is not really the goal. Subjugating the other Party is not a worthwhile pastime. And manipulating the minds of voters for personal gain is just wrong. Nonetheless, playing politics has been happening on a massive scale in America – and ultimately, we all lose. We all lose because we end up fighting the wrong demons – and helping the real demons.

Would you argue with the unemployed that the economy has picked up? No. Of course not. They're unemployed. Nobody wants to tell someone who is suffering that most people aren't, so they should be happy. Obviously, that would only make the suffering even more unhappy.

Consequently; the Democrats are in a bind. Even though the recession ended in June of 2009, the Democrats are unwilling to brag about it. Their reason is simple. The press isn't backing them up. If someone on President Obama's staff were to stand up and say “hey, everything is alright now”, all the press would have to do is go interview a few poor people, and the Democrats will look like fools. In fact, I'm sure it's already happened.

But the fact remains; the recession ended in June of 2009, and hardly any of us realize it. Which is very curious. Not at any time in my life do I remember a situation like this. The press seems hesitant to report that the economy is out of the dumps. This is not normal. As soon as any previous recession ended, the press always seemed to cheer on the economy. But now, it seems all we hear about is the impending double dip recession. And for a while, all we seemed to hear about was the potential for double digit inflation. And at least so far – that hasn't happened either. So, why so glum?

It appears that the mass media wants people to be uncertain about the economy. This runs totally counter to what their advertisers typically want. Usually advertisers want you to think the economy is doing OK so you might be more willing to spend more money. However, something seems very different this time – and very ominous.

Could it be that history is now being rewritten as it happens in order to manipulate the mid-term elections – and ultimately the future of our Nation? What if this is a coordinated effort? And what if they have captured far more of our future than we realize?

Let's try a little thought experiment. What if Aldus Huxley and George Orwell had both actually predicted parts of the future of America with their books Brave New World and 1984? What would this future actually look like? What would some combination of the two predictions mixed in with American culture and a “laissez-faire” economic policy actually look like?

Well... if the powers that be did a good job, it would look rather normal – at least for a while.

For a while we might not think anything happened – at least not anything of significance. We'd continue to vote and shop and watch TV. We'd continue to think Americans are the good guys. And for a while, we'd continue to believe that our society's problems could be fixed by our elected “representatives.”

In other words, the Brave New World and 1984 scenarios could have already (at least partially) come true for us – if we have not quite noticed how far along we are.

Going back to the actual year 1984, things weren't the same. There was the Soviet Union back then. We Americans were convinced that those subjugated by the Soviet Union were already living the dystopian life written about by George Orwell. (And I still believe they were.) But with Ronald Reagan as President; many of us were convinced that America would stay a free country – with checks and balances – and a populous committed to fight for our freedom.

Yet, back in 1984, a major political upheaval was going on right here; the “Reagan Revolution” (which was actually more of a counter-revolution to the changes of the 1960s and 1970s). There was deregulation, tax breaks for the rich, Cold War escalation, and of course, big money in politics.

Big money hadn't been happy with President Jimmy Carter. When Carter allowed Ralph Nader and his team of lawyers help write many of the Nation's new regulations; well... for a short time big money had to live by some rules... and evidently, they didn't like that.

So, big money helped Ronald Reagan get elected.

(They tell me you get what you pay for.)

President Reagan deregulated the airlines and then fired all the air traffic controllers, destroying its Union (and weakening all other Unions). Now, flying ain't what it used to be and Unions barely make a difference for most of us.

President Reagan deregulated the financial institutions, which led to the Savings and Loan crisis and bail out.

And President Reagan effectively deregulated the monopolies, by not enforcing anti-monopoly laws. This led to what looks a whole lot like an Oligarchy in America.

Now combine all that with the fact that (if you pay attention), every day you can hear some U.S. Congressman talking 1984 style double speak – and even telling outright lies. And does the press challenge them? Not very often. In fact, you have to wonder when Fox has paid two million dollars (in contributions to the Republican Party and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) to get Congressmen and candidates to talk like that.

Though it doesn't have to be this way, something has changed. We're not in democratic republic land any more. No. This now looks a lot more like a corporatocracy.

But what does a corporatocracy look like?

Well... if the powers that be did a good job, it would look rather normal – at least for a while.

But the transfer of wealth to the wealthy can't look normal forever. Eventually, the economy breaks down. And then; the culprits have to blame somebody else. We recently saw this happen after the financial breakdown of 2008. A Democrat was elected as President because of how poorly the Republicans handled the economy. And now, two years later, there are Americans who have been convinced that this is all the Democrats' fault.

Of course, the economy is more complicated than that. The Democrats do share in some of the blame for the loss of our Nation's manufacturing sector and the financial breakdown of 2008, but they are not the primary culprits. That should obviously be the primary fault of the free market fanatics. It was the free market fanatics who allowed (or even perpetrated) the transfer of American jobs offshore. It was the free market fanatics who changed our laws to allow what was effectively gambling with our 401Ks. And it was the free market fanatics who monopolized everything, leaving us with numerous “too big to fail” companies that will have to be bailed out when their poor management gets them into trouble.

And what do the powers that be claim is the answer to these issues? Free market economics, of course! (Hey, it's making them richer.) And what are the powers that be doing to see that their invisible hand on the “free” market continues to treat us like an invisible fist? They're trying to manipulate our elections.

We have an election soon for Nevada U.S. Senator that will face the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, against Republican/Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle.

Now, before we go any further, I need to explain my position on the Tea Party. I truly respect Representative Ron Paul. I respect his interpretation of the Constitution. And though I don't always agree with Ron Paul, I believe he provides needed input in Congress. If the Tea Party still represented the ideals of Ron Paul, I would be far more inclined to believe that the Tea Party now exists to improve our Nation.

But the Tea Party movement has been stolen, co-oped, and infused with the special interests of the greedy rich. What Sharron Angle stands for is; Wall Street gambling with our Social Security, tax breaks for the rich, the health “care” industry maximizing their profits instead of our health, banking without regulations, and essentially corporate anarchy in the name of Libertarianism. Or in other words; I believe that Sharron Angle is more than willing to allow our nation to slip into third world status to benefit the wealth of a few – hypocritically, in the name of freedom.

But that's not how a number of my neighbors feel. They practically see Senator Harry Reid as the anti-Christ. In fact, many of them have posters out on their neatly mowed lawns that say; “Vote for anybody BUTT Harry Reid.” Now that's a commitment. Anybody? Anybody?!!! What could Harry Reid have possibly have done so heinous that these people would be so angry at him? ...I'm still waiting... Nobody seems to have a rational argument for being so angry at Harry Reid. Which would leave me dumbfounded if it were not for the so obvious reason why they are angry. Their anger is not rational. It is emotional. We're talking almost mob mentality here. And it has been surreptitiously been brain-washed into them by a biased press.

Years of negative comments about Harry Reid on Fox “News” and negative commentaries and cartoons in the local Nevada newspapers have made an impression.

Mass media brainwashing should not surprise us. The advertising industry has made billions influencing our behavior for decades now. And as far back as a century ago, Lenin knew that to control the masses, he needed to control the press. Here in America, the government doesn't control the press, private interests do – but that can be just as dangerous.

Our little local weekly newspaper out here in Rural Nevada (Ely) is not actually what it seems. No one in town owns the paper. It is owned by a company out of Las Vegas, Stephens Media. But Stephens Media is owned by an investment group out of Arkansas, Stephens Group. And Stephens Group is owned by a very rich family in Arkansas with the last name Stephens.

Stephens Group has a number of investments. But a significant portion of their portfolio is in fossil fuels and fossil fuel power generation. Hmmm..... Maybe that's why all of Stephens Media newspapers once proclaimed there is no Global warming, and now claim it couldn't be man-made. And maybe that's why all Stephens Media newspapers in Nevada have generally depicted Senator Harry Reid as evil. (Stephens Media has even sued Reid's Democratic Party – but didn't sue the Republicans for the same thing.)

Isn't Senator Harry Reid trying hard to bring solar power generation to Nevada in a big way? Doesn't he believe that it would be better for Nevadans to export power than to import it? I believe he even called Nevada potentially the “Saudi Arabia of solar power.” There are even new power lines being built into Rural Nevada to carry out some of that solar power. Unfortunately though, Stephens Group isn't invested in solar power. They're heavily invested in solar power's polluting competition. So you might suspect that they'd want to stop Harry Reid – even if what he plans to accomplish is the right thing to do.

There is a pattern here. It appears that this all comes down to rich people invested in an outdated, polluting, destructive industry trying to manipulate our government to keep on favoring their bad investments over better ideas.

Now think about this; why would some multi-billion dollar investment group care about a little local weekly newspaper in Rural Nevada? If every person in town bought a paper every week, that wouldn't amount to $5,000 a week – gross. Our little weekly paper isn't going to make anyone rich. And the Stephens are already very rich. It isn't about the money. Could it be about the influence?

Here's a clue. Stephens Media owns almost every newspaper in Las Vegas and almost all of the newspapers in Nevada Southeast of Carson City. That's almost half the state of Nevada. Now that's power to influence. If they wanted to, these rich people in Arkansas could influence elections in Nevada. If they wanted to, they might even be capable of taking down the most powerful man in the Senate.

Could you imagine the chilling effect on the Democratic Party? If the most powerful man in Congress (with a long reputation of honest, moral, and responsible leadership) could be brought down by an obvious Corporatist posing as an Independent; then no Democrat would be safe. The Republicans could win over Congress without actually having to win any more seats. Because, like after the 1994 mid-term Congressional election rout, the Democrats would just act more like Republicans afterwards.

So, we have a motive.

Have you ever heard of the “Club For Growth”? The Club For Growth is a Political Action Committee (actually a super PAC) that endorses and raises millions for candidates that support the Club's limited government, anti-tax, free market ideology. It is not a grassroots organization. No. It is an organization funded by rich people that wants our government too weak to control their actions. It is effectively another astro-turf organization intent on taking over our government so that its supporters can have free reign to run their exploitative industries however they want to and to keep all the money for themselves. And guess what... most of these PACs are packed with the heads of polluting, exploiting, job exporting, and multinational corporations. In case you haven't figured it out yet, these are the bad guys.

One of the biggest contributors to the Club For Growth is Jackson Stephens Jr. – from the Stephens family that owns Stephens Group that owns Stephens Media that owns our little local newspaper in Rural Nevada.

So, we have a record of manipulation of politics.

Which brings us back to Sharron Angle and Harry Reid. The Club For Growth has heavily funded the Sharron Angle campaign. Our local newspaper has spent years attacking Harry Reid. The same family from Arkansas is behind both.

So, we have what looks like immoral behavior. But it isn't illegal, because our government has been "limited" – by you know who.

A quote from the Stephens Group website sort of sums it all up; “We like businesses that have an unfair advantage. That advantage is usually intelligence or hard work” (italics mine). This actually sounds like they're bragging that they don't play fair.

Is this really the behavior we want from those who ultimately control most of what we in Nevada know? HELL NO!!!

Actually, I love our little local newspaper. And I fear that if Harry Reid loses, the big money who want small government won't have a financial reason any longer to keep our little local newspaper going.

to be continued.