Thursday, October 07, 2010

From The Frying Pan Into The Fire


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President Ronald Reagan once said; “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help.”

Well, I'm hearing something far scarier these days.

Organizations I've never heard of, with little traceability to their contributors, are endlessly running expensive attack ads on television; with the obvious intent of secretly taking over.

Essentially, this is what they're telling us:

We're not from the government, in fact we're not going to tell you who we are – but we're here to help.”

That can't possibly be good.

Think about it. If those who wish to be puppet masters actually had good intentions, they would be proud to tell us who they are.

What do you think their plan is – other than taking as much as they possibly can? They definitely don't want to collapse our civilization (though they push us ever closer). They probably don't want to make us subjects of China (or at least most of them don't). But they probably don't really care if our economy tanks – as long as they make out. My guess is that they don't really have a plan.

Oh, they definitely have a scheme, but they haven't really thought through the possible consequences.

They want it all for themselves – and if we suffer; too bad. And if our political, economic, and natural systems fail, oh well... they're arranging to have custom life boats.

If you are one of them, I plead with you; taking advantage of the rest of the Nation is not sustainable. Eventually, even the custom life boats will leak. And until then, what kind of life is it to be locked up inside a gated community, afraid of the poor and unable to experience the natural world for the rest of your life?

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