Friday, February 20, 2009

Is Rupert Murdoch a Fascist?

I can't believe this... There is no question whether this is racist or not. How else could it be interpreted?

It looks to me like this New York Post political “cartoonist” is saying that our popularly elected president is a monkey who deserves to be shot. Where the hell is Homeland Security? This is a real threat – though it sounds more like a cheap script from one of Fox's mindless TV shows. How about a Manchurian Candidate meets Taxi Driver plot?

And this isn't the first time... Remember when a Fox News guest joked wistfully about someone killing Obama?

Rupert Murdoch's “news” organizations have repeatedly gone way over the line. They are as far from “fair and balanced” as I have ever seen in my lifetime. They even lie (the video “the Corporation” points out that it is perfectly legal for them to lie). Where the hell is the FCC?

Rupert Murdoch has consistently hired and promoted “newscasters” who verbally attack and denigrate our president at every opportunity. That is legal (whether it is fair or not). But, now they've reached the point where they're actually joking about someone killing the President of our Country.

Allow me to speculate for a moment. By allowing, even promoting racist attacks like this cartoon; it looks to me like Rupert Murdoch wants someone to kill Obama and set up a police state. It looks to me like Rupert Murdoch could be a Fascist trying to manipulate some disturbed American into killing President Obama so that Mr. Murdoch's Fascist buddies can take over.

Now I realize that Rupert Murdoch doesn't approve every thing that his publishing empire prints or airs. Rupert Murdoch just dictates the working environment. Well, Mr. Murdoch's dictates have resulted in calls for President Obama's assassination.

Whether it was intended or not (it was), this is a threat to our National Security. And we can do something about it. Boycott Fox News and all other news publications that Rupert Murdoch owns. Better yet, let's boycott Rupert Murdoch's advertisers.

Go ahead and watch Fox News and read the New York Post just enough to find out who their sponsors are. A few emails to the sponsors of these news/propaganda shows from a number of us will likely be far more effective than Homeland Security ever has been.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing But Blue Skies... From Now On.

Good News, More Good News, And Even More...

NV Energy has decided to postpone the construction of the coal fired power plant in White Pine County until carbon sequestration becomes practical – which, in all this limestone, is never.

NV Energy still wants to build a big power line through White Pine County. Its quite apparent that they realize our potential for solar, wind, and geothermal power generation.

The last minute Bush Administration give away to the oil companies of leasing “rights” to Southern Utah public lands was stopped.

The new Secretary of the Interior sounds like he might be more in favor of ocean current, wave, and offshore wind power than “drill baby, drill.”

The 50 billion dollar give away to the coal and nuclear industry was excluded from the Stimulus Package.

It's looking more and more like SNWA won't be able to afford the watergrab pipeline anytime soon.

...Even this recession has a silver lining. People are starting to pay attention. Those who have paid attention are angry. We want the change we've been promised. And we'll continue to push, because we realize no-one is going to just give us a better world.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Desalination Is Cheaper Than Defoliation

Investigative reporter George Knapp has reported that desalination is not only cheaper than the watergrab, but that California is NOT resistant to the idea.

The Las Vegas CBS I-Team report states:

"SNWA says California's water plans are what they look at when deciding the viability of desalination. The Golden State has formed a desalination task force within it's water department and there are two dozen desalination plants operating there, with at least another 30 in some phase of design and construction. Worldwide there are more than 7,500 desal plants in operation. But in Nevada, nothing.

"It's political and lack of will, and maybe the fact that Nevadans invested these hundreds of millions of dollars on the ranches, so they feel compelled to continue this scheme that was developed over a decade ago," said Byrd. "The fact that Arizona, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and a dozen countries around the world are investing in desalting tells us something.""