Sunday, February 01, 2009

Desalination Is Cheaper Than Defoliation

Investigative reporter George Knapp has reported that desalination is not only cheaper than the watergrab, but that California is NOT resistant to the idea.

The Las Vegas CBS I-Team report states:

"SNWA says California's water plans are what they look at when deciding the viability of desalination. The Golden State has formed a desalination task force within it's water department and there are two dozen desalination plants operating there, with at least another 30 in some phase of design and construction. Worldwide there are more than 7,500 desal plants in operation. But in Nevada, nothing.

"It's political and lack of will, and maybe the fact that Nevadans invested these hundreds of millions of dollars on the ranches, so they feel compelled to continue this scheme that was developed over a decade ago," said Byrd. "The fact that Arizona, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and a dozen countries around the world are investing in desalting tells us something.""


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