Sunday, June 18, 2017

Watergrab Tour Geyser Ranch

Bring your binoculars! The SNWA's Geyser Ranch has changed! Apparently, there aren't any cattle in Lake Valley this Summer. Which means, off in the distance; you might see herds of wild horses, antelope – and when I was there last (over Memorial Day Weekend) I saw a hundred head of elk (during the middle of the day).

Apparently, the SNWA no longer has to prove up on their water rights at the Geyser Ranch. That was something good that came out of the 2017 State Legislature. There should be no incentive to waste water. But the result has been intriguing. The SNWA has tied up whole valleys of water for almost thirty years. Some of these valleys still look natural because of that. And Geyser Ranch has gone feral. People are going to come from miles around to see these elk.

There has been something positive about the Watergrab.
Nobody else has taken the water.
Some part of all this wrong feels right.

Why not bank some of Nevada's water?
Why not save some water for the future?
Nobody's going thirsty in Las Vegas. But if people actually were going thirsty in Las Vegas, it sure would be nice not to have wasted this water watering palm trees. And if we get to keep some truly beautiful natural places – at least until genuine desperation sets in – why not?

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