Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What are SNWA's intentions?

So, just what are Southern Nevada Water Authority's intentions?

Right now, the Las Vegas area doesn't need any more water than it already has. At their present population, there is no need to take water from the rest of the state. And even years from now, it isn't likely that Las Vegas will need the full capacity of the pipeline network.

So, it seems a little strange that a municipality should not be inclined to do the fiscally reasonable act of trying to build for the need. Let's consider a personal example, if you're at the store, and you realize that you need three gallons of water, why would you buy 30... and lug all that home at once.

The water grab covers a huge area. It extends from; on the west – the Nevada Nuclear Weapons Test Site, on the east – the state of Utah, and on the north – the water chugging coal fired power plants to run the pumps for the pipeline. This is pretty much the largest area they can get. And; during talks with White Pine County, the SNWA was unwilling to agree to any limits as to how much water they would take, how fast they would take it, or relinquish any real power to a scientific oversight committee.

That's right, the Southern Nevada Water Authority is attempting to position themselves where they can get as much water as they physically can, with no restrictions on their behavior. Their representatives may be telling us that they care about the economic and environmental condition of Central Nevada, but they haven't been willing to commit to one solid, tangible promise.

So... it only makes sense for us to be suspicious of their intentions.

There is potential here for billions of dollars in illegitimate profits.

Some one may be thinking – or may someday think; why pay to desalinate water for California, when we could get them to pay us for water from Central Nevada?

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