Friday, December 01, 2006

How to Stop the Construction of Coal Power Plants

Everyone write this letter:

To my electric power company,

I draw the line here. This is my commitment. My future power will be generated by sustainable and safe technology. I am considering no longer purchasing power from your company. I am considering installing my own power generation equipment. I am considering helping others build and install their own windmills and solar panels. And I am even considering supporting, or even helping start local alternative energy companies all over the country.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can do the right thing – and build alternative power generators instead of coal fired power plants. Personally, I'd rather not be bothered with having to generate my own power. But I will not continue to support a system that perpetuates the production of tons of deadly pollution, strip mining ecocide, and Global warming devastation.

You haven't fooled me, with your “clean” coal stories. I know that 90% of the coal fired power plants in America's immediate plans for construction are not even close to clean – and that nobody has yet to build even one truly “clean” coal power plant.

You haven't fooled me with your “cheap” coal stories. Once we build all of these coal fired power plants, and commit to decades of coal dependency, it's obvious the price of coal will go up – and in fact, there's a substantial risk of Enron style price gouging.

You also haven't fooled me with your “cheaper than alternative energy” stories. We taxpayers are stuck with the bills for all of the subsidies and tax breaks that make coal fired power plants appear cheaper. If our government had any common sense, coal would be heavily taxed and alternative energy would be subsidized. Someday soon, this will happen, and coal won't be so cheap anymore. But most importantly, no matter how cheap coal may appear on your ledgers, we all know that coal is far more expensive to everyone and every thing on Earth in the long run.

Much more than your bottom line is at stake – but your bottom line is at stake. Your decision to build coal fired or alternative power generators will determine my, and many others' decision to purchase power from you. Please, make the right decision. And don't try to fool me with nuclear power until you've figured how not to generate nuclear waste.

Thank you,

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