Friday, June 22, 2007

What an ANTI-climate Crank

Have you ever doubted that the corporate owned mass media was being honest with us?

Bill Steigerwald, the columnist from the Pittsburgh Tribune who wrote; “ExxonMobil CEO says global warming hot air” definitely knows his hot air. Billy's Big Gas press release (article) sounds like he's proud of the fact that the oil companies are overcharging us billions to pollute the planet and taking in billions in subsidies. It even looks like our propaganda pundit has come up with a new name for me. I'm a “climate crank.” I guess that makes me a somebody now.

People like me should be proud. We've made an impact. Hey... they're trying to discredit us. That must mean people are starting to listen. News flash; “climate cranks” actually do live in the real world. And sometimes we even have enough sense to recognize an “anti-climate crank.”

Hey Billy... we're on to you. You get paid to lie. That makes you a crank. That makes you a whore. You're a whore for the “filthy four” (the coal, power, oil, and auto industries). And your type of whore gives prostitution a bad name. Prostitutes give real massages with happy endings. You give false messages... with terrible consequences for us all (in the long run). Is your paycheck and your fame really that important? No, it isn't. And by the way, the real world has existed for billions of years without Wall Street, your “news” paper, and your cozy office. If you truly want to get in touch with the real world, go outside. You see that smog. That's the real world, and it's going to bite you in the ass soon. Maybe you'll get a respiratory disease, have a heart attack, or cancer. Or maybe not. Maybe you'll live long enough to see that your lies will lead to extreme climate change; with drought, disease, famine, extinctions, and loss of your precious job.

Hey Whore Billy... You think you can fool us about the real world. We know better. We know what you're up to.

In the real world; people lie. We've all caught the corporate mass media in lies of omission, character assassination, and misdirection. So, we should instinctively doubt the corporate “owned” mass media “pundits.” For decades now, thousands of scientists from all over the world have been warning us about Global warming. This “columnist” has the nerve to ignore all the data they have published – and call them cranks. Face it. Who's really the crank?

In the real world; people sell out. And for $8.5 million a year, the CEO of ExxonMobil would tell us that tailpipe exhaust is good for us, if he thought we'd believe it.

In the real world; hacks like this “columnist” get promoted because they say what their media “owners” want them to say. In the real world, those who own the corporate mass media often also have money invested in the “filthy four” (the coal, power, oil, and auto industries). Don't expect these “owners” to let the truth get in the way of their profits.

In the real world; corporate mass media tells us what their advertisers want us to hear – and politicians do what their “campaign contributers” expect. By manipulating our information and our political system, the filthy four have illicitly kept antiquated technology profitable for over thirty years – by selling us the same old crap, and sometimes by subverting our political system for billions of dollars in subsidies – from taxpayers like you.

In the real world; if we shit in our own mess kit, we're the ones who have to eat it. If we pollute our own air, we're the one's who have to breath it. If we offset the balance of our own weather, we're the one's who have to suffer.

In the real world; if you upset a balance, something just might come crashing down.

In the real world; extreme climate change is already effecting us locally in Rural Nevada.

  1. A third of the White Pines here are dying from pine bark beetle infestations. Warmer temperatures have been shown to be at least part of the reason for this. One way to see this for yourself is that the pines at the lower elevations (warmer temps) are far worse off than the pines near the tops of the peaks (colder temps).

  2. Great Basin National Park's glacier is shrinking. Worldwide, glaciers in temperate and equatorial zones have melted away. One hundred years ago, Glacier National Park had 150 glaciers, they now have 27.

  3. There is a nationwide drought, with no end in sight. The Colorado River has not been flowing at capacity. In part because of that, SNWA wants to take Rural Nevada's water.

In the real world; the polar ice caps have already begun to melt. Just check out the picture of a river of melt-water in Greenland on the cover of June's National Geographic Magazine. If this melting continues, just on Greenland, sea level will rise 10 feet. Trillions of dollars in damage could result, millions of people could die, and many thousands of species could go extinct. Why? Why would our society want to take that kind of risk?

In the real world; we can't trust politicized science, we now know the heads of the Department of Interior have sold out, and we can't depend upon the Environmental Protection Agency to protect us – and that's just the tip of the corruption ice berg.

In the real world; every civilization before our own has collapsed. I would venture to speculate that corruption and ignorance played a role in every fall.

In the real world; humanity will eventually have to learn to live off of sustainable power and desalinated water. Why not do it now, before we turn our last wild places into polluted dust bowls? Americans passively allow billions of dollars of subsidies for coal and oil. Why not speak out that we use that money for what we really need; fresh water from the ocean and truly clean power.

In the real world; corporations have become far too efficient machines at converting everything of any real value (including our future) into extraordinary wealth for a few.

In the real world; money is just paper. A healthy environment, true freedom, and governmental, informational, and economic systems that actually work are what genuinely matter.


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Crank it up Rick!

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This guy Rex is a classic case of an asshole! Rick keep typing away. You have inspired me to start my own blog. I borrowed a little from you which I know you won't mind. I know you will enjoy the name of my blog " Have Shot Foot"