Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's the Worst that Could be Happening?

It is possible that we have already reached our environmental tipping point? It is possible that extreme climate change is inevitable? Are we already screwed?

I've read that it would take 100,000 years for global warming gases to return to their pre-industrial levels, if we completely stopped producing them - now. As you all know, we've been waiting to see just how bad things get before we get serious about global warming pollutants. That, of course, will be too late.

Is it already too late for us to avoid the worst (that we can imagine so far) of the global warming damage - the melting of the polar ice caps? Maybe not. There is hope. If we continue at our present rate, however, the ice caps will be gone soon. The Arctic Ice cap is the smallest it has ever been in recorded history. This video shows Arctic Ice cap melting; to today, and the likely progression to 2050.

This projection was made by UCAR, who also point out that extensive wildfires are contributing massive amounts of pollutants into the air. Of course, some of these pollutants are global warming gases - which means we've incited nature to even further warm the planet. This is happening. The only real question is whether we have pushed this beyond the point of no return. Yet, our bureaucrats are still ignoring the obvious. Check to see if you find Global warming induced wildfires in the Draft Environmental Impact Statements of any coal-fired power plants.

While you're checking. Why don't you check to see if any of these Environmental Impact Statements mention hurricanes. Hurricane Dean was the third most powerful Atlantic Hurricane in recorded history. How many times do these things have to happen before we admit that they're more than just coincidences?

We are already seeing the first signs of Global warming - and they are so frightening that we don't want to believe this could be happening. Call it denial. We don't want to believe that this could be it. The worst thing that could be happening is that we may have already started in motion the extinction of humanity... And don't expect to be in heaven, safely watching from afar. If we screw things up here, it isn't very likely we'll be welcome any place else.

You'd think that would motivate us.

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