Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Corporate Christmas Tale

Once upon a time; there were these corporations who made billions and billions of dollars making the world move. They supplied the fuel, and everybody was happy – for a while. But then something strange happened. You see, these corporations got together with the fuel suppliers and tried to make billions and billions more dollars. By the time the people realized what was happening, everything they owned already ran on this fuel. The corporations were very happy.

But then one day, somebody had an idea. Let's create a new way of making the world move. The corporations were not happy. They liked the way things are. They didn't want change. They called themselves conservatives. They knew they were right.

But soon after, somebody else had an idea. Let's get our energy from the Sun. It could be as simple as heating your water with sunlight, or as complete as home power self-generation. The corporations were scared then. They liked their billions and billions of dollars. They wanted more.

So, the corporations went to the government. They made friends with the government. They bought the government leaders lots of presents. They wanted the government's help. They got it. They got even more billions and billions of dollars, from taxpayers.

Thats right, the government gave the corporations money from the taxpayers – who were also paying to get the fuel – and getting sick from the fuel. But the taxpayers weren't really paying attention, so they just paid.

But then one day, somebody noticed. Hey, we work all the time to pay for things that will eventually hurt us. Even the corporations realized he made sense. But they still wanted some more billions and billions of dollars. So they made a plan:

They would let other companies invest in alternative power generation. The corporations however, would invest in coal, and make a lot money for a while. With that money, and the money from the government, they would be alright when they drop prices for a while.

So then, with prices down, the other companies wouldn't make enough to be able to pay their bills. This would make those other power companies very sad. So sad that they would sell their solar and wind machines to the corporations for next to nothing. This would make the corporations very happy. They would have complete control of the industry again...

Do you know what that means?

Merry Christmas for them.

Sorry, you get coal.


Remember, this is just a story.

It can only come true if we let it.

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