Friday, February 08, 2008

My Water Grab Comments To The State Engineer

I can't believe this...

Water from under Western Shoshone land is being given away like we don't even exist. We have a treaty with the United States government. This should matter. Other treaties, like GATT and NAFTA, take precedence over the US constitution... If the powerful can just ignore the laws they choose to, it isn't really rule of law – its the law of the jungle.

We're not asking for money.

We're asking that you leave the water where it is.

Don't allow these beautiful, natural places to die.

My ancestors have hunted in Cave Valley for thousands of years.

To think that it is all coming to an end... just tears me apart.

Especially when it just isn't necessary.

Desalination First!

I'm submitting my video with my written comments.

I think a lot of people might see it.

I named the video: “Southern Nevada Water Atrocity

In it, I point out that this is not about whether Las Vegas gets more water or not. This is simply about how much Southern Nevada Water Authority has to pay for more water.

The Western Shoshone should not have to pay for Las Vegas' water with our homeland. Rural Nevada should not have to pay for Las Vegas' growth with our growth. And wildlife in these areas should not have to pay with their lives to fatten developers' bank accounts. The first to waste our water should not be the ones to have our water... for free.

You're not a machine. You don't have to do what you are told. You can trust your conscience. You know this water grab is wrong.

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dortiz said...

I hope your words and the words of others do not go unheard. It also makes me very sad and sick to think what might happen.