Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To Honorable Senator Harry Reid

This is one of those moments in history...

When the history books are written, this will be a turning point – or what could have been a turning point.

The powers that be are desperate at this moment. The powers that be want $700,000,000,000. And they want you to just hand it over, or you'll never see your economy again. But you don't have to. At least not until you get a few concessions.

You could take the pushover route and request that the executives involved in the bailout take pay cuts – or you could press for real reforms that could change the face of corporatism.

We all know that the system is broken. This is your chance to fix it. Right now, you have the power to influence substantial fundamental change. The powers that be are desperate at this moment. If the Democrats (and maybe even a few Republicans) were to filibuster this bill, you could force real rational reforms on the system.

It only takes a few, dedicated Senators to stall this bailout until Wall Street would accept anything – including regulations that would force them to be fiscally responsible. They might even accept reduced influence on Washington.

This is one of those moments in history where our fate, our nation's fate, and even the world's fate rests on a few people to stand and say NO! We won't give you a dime until we are satisfied that corporate interests are not placed above the citizens of the United States.

If you can lead us to a path of a functional, sustainable, fair, and healthy economic system, I believe it would be worth $700,000,000,000.

Otherwise, lets get the depression over with, it will just be worse if we continue to put it off with taxpayer bailouts to inept corporations.

Thank you,

Rick Spilsbury

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