Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lame Duck Demon

Remember back in the last few days of Bill Clinton's term when he pardoned a handful of people? Remember what a fuss the Republicans made about it? They tried so hard to make it look like Clinton was so corrupt.

I'm not about to say what Clinton did was the right thing, but the corruption of the Bush lame duck administration makes Clinton look like a boy scout.

The Bush administration has been up to speed for months now, doing unpopular and immoral things for big business profits:

  1. Let's start with the rush to open up the Grand Canyon to uranium mining. In spite of a Congressional ban, the Bush controlled BLM has published a proposed rule which OK's mining within 5 miles of the Park. This would effect the drinking water for over 25 million people – in addition to the wildlife of one of America's premier Parks.

  2. They've removed what little protection the Appalachians had from mountain top removal coal mining. Not that there was much protection in the first place. But now there is hardly any.

  3. There's the gutting the Endangered Species Act. Department of Interior officials are attempting to review 200,000 comments from the public concerning this back door bypass of democracy – in just 32 hours. That's not a review. They don't care what we think. Their response to our comments about endangered species is obvious. “Kill'em all, let God sort'em out!”

  4. And of course, they continue to do worse than absolutely nothing about global warming. If the polar bear is no longer protected by the Endangered Species Act, there will be even less pressure to do something about global warming. If the EPA won't do anything about carbon emissions, and won't allow states to with deal with them either, what we have here is a step backwards.

This all might not seem so sinister, if it were not for all the scientific evidence that the environment is going from bad to worse at a frighteningly accelerating rate.

Climate change is accelerating far beyond the IPCC forecast.

Arctic air temperatures reached record highs this year (5 degrees above normal).

(for more info on this graph - click here)

To put this in perspective; the wealth loss from the disappearance of the planet's forests dwarfs the bank crisis... And Bush Jr. has made both problems even worse.

Rolling Stone magazine once published an article arguing that George W. Bush is the worst president in history. The article reported that an organization of historians had agreed that this presidency has been the most poorly run in all of America's history. But, I guess Bush Jr. revels in that title.

The economy is collapsing.

The environment is collapsing.

And the regulatory system to keep it all together is still being dismantled.

These acts are worse than corruption. This is the deconstruction of the protections to our world that have taken decades to enact. We will never be able to repair the consequences of many of these acts.

Could things get any worse? Yes...

Bush Jr. still has two more months to screw things up beyond recognition.

We could even end up with a “December Surprise.” You know, like back when Bush Sr. was president – when he sent US troops to Somalia (just before the end of his term).

Don't be surprised if Bush Jr. follows in his daddy's footsteps for a change, and gets us in another “war” – this time with Iran. Why? Because he's the only one who wants war. Moreover, this a great way to say F.U. to the incoming Democratic president – and also the American people (who no longer see him as God's chosen one).

To misquote George Bush Sr.; “What we are looking at is good and evil - right and wrong.”

George W. Bush is a lame duck DEMON.

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