Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Understand The Problems... To Fix Them

Lesson #1: Sicko

Lesson #2: Why We Fight

Lesson #3: the Corporation

Americans have finally gotten off our tails and made a difference – by coming together to vote for change. This gives me hope.

  • It's starting to look more and more like America will be generating our future power from sustainable sources.

  • Our government might start to respect our constitution again.

  • And maybe, just maybe, we can start to fix the rampant corruption so entrenched within our systems.

However, many of us don't have a clue what the magnitude of the problems really are. Moreover, a significant portion of those in power are making way too much money to consider the true costs of their actions. For these people, I suggest you see these three videos; Sicko, Why We Fight, and the Corporation. Seen together, these films give us a better overall understanding of how bad things have become... Really, really bad.

Which in a way, also gives me hope. Now we're paying attention. If enough people see all three of these films, we might start to think of ways to fix our government, control the criminal element within the corporate world, and even work around the intractable flaws in our systems. Together, we can overpower the antiquated, corrupt ways of doing things.

Creative and well informed people are often the most frightening to the powers that be – we represent change. Of course, we do need conservatives to reign us in once and a while. But as long as the change makes sense, try it. The consequences of making the same old mistakes are mounting – to the breaking point. We really need to fix things. And together, working in new ways, I believe we can make our world a better place overall.

I wouldn't be here, trying as hard as I do; if I were not fully convinced this change is better for all of us. That's right – all of us. There is even irrefutable evidence (on the video Sicko). Just consider mortality rates of Americans vs many European nations. Americans die younger, even the rich. We can do better.

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