Monday, April 27, 2009

Busted Lying About Global Warming

Clean Coal is like healthy cigarettes, it does not exist.”

Al Gore

Guess what?

The fossil fuel industry has spent years conducting a disinformation campaign about global warming – and have ignored their own scientists... on record.

Oh oh....

Somebody might go to jail.

These large polluters committed a massive fraud far larger than Bernie Madoff's fraud. They are the Bernie Madoffs of global warming. They ordered the censoring and removal of the scientific review that they themselves conducted. And like Bernie Madoff, they lied to the people who trusted them in order to make money.”

Al Gore

But will the prosecutions happen? You may be able to get away with torture, but can you get away with causing the deaths of millions? Can you get away with causing the extinction of thousands of species? Can you get away with a crime against our economy so great it could result in the collapse of our Nation, maybe even our civilization?

I think so.

I don't expect anyone to do time.

Who's going to convict them?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has called President Obama and other politicians who commit money to developing “clean coal” “indentured servants” to the coal industry. (I shouldn't have to explain how our nation's elections are financed.)

Our politicians aren't stupid, but enough money can get them to act that way.

Our system has been corrupted.

Pollution is “clean.”

Progress is profits.

Money is god.

God wants money.

The truth is what gets you ahead.

And the future doesn't matter.

Except for one thing,

...the future is now the present...

We're going about this all wrong.

No one wins at this game.

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