Thursday, June 24, 2010

Investors Are The Root Of All Evil

In case you hadn't heard; a Louisiana Judge has ruled against the U.S. moratorium on offshore oil drilling. You probably already knew that. But what you might not know is that the very same judge just happens to have a number of investments in offshore drilling.

This judge failed to recuse himself, even though it is quite obvious he had one huge conflict of interest. Personally, I feel that this judge should lose his job. Even if the judgment is correct, it is tainted by a judge who should have never have been the one to make that decision.

Personally I feel that if we, as a nation, don't trust offshore drilling practices; we should have every right to put it on hold until we are convinced that its safety has been improved. Everyone's health should have priority over any extractive industry's paychecks – period.

This corrupt judge revelation has exemplified quite accurately just what's wrong with our system.

Once money starts to flow in a certain direction, those who get the money don't want that flow to stop – no matter what the consequences.

I feel for the unemployed drillers. But if they're actually unemployed killers, I want them unemployed.

This is the key to what is wrong with our society:

The amassing of money has become more important than doing the right things.

Making more money is NOT more inherently rewarding. It only appears that way.

Our seafood is being poisoned.

Our water is being poisoned.

Our air is being poisoned.

Our soil is being poisoned.

Or decedents are going to live a far less healthy life.

Our government has become corrupted.

Our economic system has become critically unstable.

...Everyone's lives will be less healthy and less happy.

And our climate is slowly becoming less habitable for humanity.

No amount of money will counter that.

And eventually, no one will be able to pay for a rescue to a haven that simply isn't there.

Who's responsible? Of course, the captains of industry are. They make the calls. But they are not dictators. Just ask any one of them They have people to satisfy. And with what our economic and legal systems have devolved into, they have limited options. America is still addicted to oil. Drillers still desperately want jobs. And investors still relentlessly want profits. Most of the captains of industry are focused on short-term profits, because that's how they'll keep their jobs.

Our society has allowed our economic and legal systems to force us into a box canyon. The outlook is verging on desperate. How many times now have you heard intelligent Americans say that our system is broken? With just a little more apathy, the practically inevitable next step is collapse. That's right, I'm talking about the collapse of the United States – and worse. We need patriots, genuine patriots with legitimate causes, now more than ever.

The Government isn't going to fix this – unless we force them. That's because so many of the rich and powerful don't think there's a problem. In a way, they can't see outside of their mansion walls. But more importantly, they're more concerned about losing their investments than losing our future.

Which brings me to the root of all evil in our system. Investors. Essentially, investors together make the big calls in decisions that critically effect everyone's future. Yet, their decision making process is the ultimate in irresponsibility. You know the driver in this decision process; “what will make me the most money in the shortest time.” Well, let's see; robbing from the future, raping the land, oppressing the weak, and socializing the costs.

Yet, on the other hand, who always seems to get off the hook when these bad decisions so heavily impact us, our health, and our future? Investors. When it comes time to take the blame, it's like they don't exist. Blame it all on the CEO. Do we see anyone blaming the investors in BP? Why not? Who has been pushing so hard for BP to cut corners to increase profits? Investors. And they don't even have to say a thing. They can just instantly take their money away when someone else can promise a higher return.

Investors are the driving force behind the race to the bottom. Investors are the real source of the problem. And most likely, they don't even realize it.

Wall Street is not inherently evil. In fact, Wall Street has an enormous potential for good. But if we allow the sleaziest, greediest, most uncaring fiends to take control of Wall Street; well, we get what you expect - robbed of everything.

If we don't care enough to fix this, what we'll likely get is the total loss of wealth of most of the population, the collapse of our nation, and eventually the collapse of our civilization. It's that important.

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