Sunday, November 07, 2010

Audit The Pentagon

I was watching the "for profit" news this morning and the new house members are all about cutting Government spending.

Of course, they only seem to be about cutting funds that might make it back to the taxpayers who paid in the money. No one even seems to be talking about military spending.

We all know that the Pentagon wastes billions and billions of dollars. So, why isn't Pentagon spending on the table?

It's as if these sell-out politicians want to maximize the killing. They want to keep the cash going to these "wars" (where there never actually has been an enemy army to shoot at), and they want to cut back on "entitlements" (you know; money for civilians such as medicare, social security, law enforcement, etc.).

Let's just find out where we are before we go and make all those entitlement cuts.

Let's audit the Pentagon.

I bet we can save billions without losing any defense services. It would be like money for nothing - which is what they're getting.

If we don't have to make cuts in social services (for the poor and taxpayers) we'll save money
and lives.

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Anonymous said...

Besides getting the heck out of Iraq/Afganistan - they could cut back on weapons systems that are not needed (I,e. ballistic missile nuke subs). Osprey v-22 is another example. And then there are the "black projects" that nobody even knows what they are.