Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Utilizing the Scientific Method to Fix Things

Here is the next Zeitgeist video:

the Zeitgeist Movement Activist and Orientation Guide

This video shows how the Venus Project wants us to develop a resource based economy that recognizes natural law to develop a sustainable equilibrium and abundance for all – or in other words; how to fix our dysfunctional economy.

Our love of money is the basis for most evil. Profits are earned based upon a system that rewards scarcity – not responsibility. Consequently, so many good ideas are ignored because the profit potential isn't as great as with exploitation.

What makes sense is to develop a system where the best ideas rise to the top, corruption is unprofitable, a functional based spirituality replaces the blind obeying of self appointed leaders, and where people treat each other (and the environment) with respect.

I think they're onto something extraordinary.

But until we develop a system such as they recommend, we can utilize the Internet to communicate what works best.

For example:

The website has rated household products we use based upon how healthy they are, how they effect the environment, and how well the company functions in society. If we spend our money wisely, and buy the greenest and most socially responsible products; then we will at least not reward irresponsibility.

Though not nearly as game changing as moving away from a money-based economy, this is something significant we can do right away.

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Beyond Belief said...

Sounds intriguingly like what Sam Harris argues for in "The Moral Landscape." A science of morality. I may have to watch the video, but 1:37 is a big commitment. :-)