Friday, June 17, 2011

Weinergate Was A Political Assassination

What is politics about? Power.

Power to do what? To make more money.

Anthony Weiner got in the way of those who want to make more money... at your painful expense. They want as much as they can get. In fact, many of you may be driven to bankruptcy because Anthony Weiner has been driven from office. Worse, many of you may die.

Weinergate is about power. Weinergate is about corrupt power. And Weinergate is about immoral activity far worse than flirting on the internet while married.

Anthony Weiner never actually committed a crime. He never exposed his genitals (in what he thought were private communications). And most likely, in time, it will come out that his shirtless pictures were sent before he was married.

Weinergate has all the signs of being a political attack.

All Anthony Weiner is guilty of is lying about an embarrassing matter that should have been a private subject between him and his wife.

Doesn't any of this sound familiar? Doesn't anyone remember the (likely set-up) Monica Lewinsky affair? And doesn't anyone remember what happened when Elliot Spitzer was brought down over a $4,000 and hour hooker?

Allow me to remind you. President Clinton's power was severely crippled for the rest of his presidency. And Eliot Spitzer was prevented from stopping the perpetrators of the 2008 financial meltdown (before it happened).

It's as if the same people from the same right-wing conspiracy (the plutocracy) are now using the same tactics for essentially the same criminal ends. We are being played – again.

The important question we need to ask is not one of the questions reporters from for-profit news usually ask. No. It's not about who, what, where, or when. It's about why? And why now? Why were these pictures released on the same day Justice Clarence Thomas was supposed to release his 2010 financial disclosure form.

Anthony Weiner had been insisting that Justice Thomas recuse himself from an important upcoming health care reform case. It is blatantly obvious that Justice Thomas has a conflict of interest in this case. It is also blatantly obvious that releasing these pictures on this day would kill two birds with one stone. Nobody would pay attention to Justice Thomas' statements and Anthony Weiner would be stopped – permanently.

Of course, I would expect the Republicans to be all over Weiner – and they should. But what about the Democrats? Aren't they supposed to be on his side. He never committed a crime. And they don't even know if he committed an ethics violation. But they already mobilized to strip him of his power in Congress. Who's side are the (new post-Citizens United) Democrats really on? Is this really what it looks like; that the new Democrats are willing to purge their ranks of legitimate liberals even before the next elections.... And where does President Obama stand on all of this? Oh... yeah... Right there with the very people who wish to kill health care reform (by declaring it unconstitutional).

This certainly sounds like the new Democrats are unwilling to fight now for a bill they just passed a couple of years ago. Are they afraid that if they stand up for fellow Democrat Anthony Weiner, that they're next.

(Think about it. If the press can take somebody down for something this minor, nobody is safe. And think about one more thing. If big money has the choice of backing somebody who is squeaky clean or somebody they have blackmail info on, who would you expect them to give campaign contributions to?)

Could Weinergate and its response by Democrats be evidence of just how vast the “vast right wing conspiracy” really might be.

Weinergate isn't about family values or traditional marriage relationships. Weinergate is about crushing the careers of anyone who challenges the plutocracy. And apparently, the Democrats in Congress are willing to play along.

(This may be a sign. If the elected representatives of our democracy are afraid to stand up for each other and us, this may be a sign that our American style representative democracy has already effectively failed. This is certainly a sign that this country needs more direct democracy. And this is definitely a sign that it is time to think outside of the box.)

You may recall that when journalists Woodward and Bernstein were investigating the original Watergate break-in, their informant (Deep Throat) advised them to; “follow the money.”

Follow the money.”

But there was no money involved in Anthony Weiner's online flirting.

...This is a sign.

This is a sign that this is much bigger than what we've been told.

It's very likely that billions, if not trillions of our dollars are at stake; while we're being shown pictures of a Congressman in his underwear.

America is under siege, and we are losing.

The counter-revolution will continuously be televised.

What hasn't been reported by the mainstream press (and won't be reported until long after it's too late), is the real reason why such a minor issue has been brought to the forefront. Anthony Weiner was trying to get Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from a case where there is an obvious big-money conflict of interest. Billions, if not trillions of American taxpayer and ratepayer dollars are at stake – not to mention, our health.

Which brings us to the fatal flaw of for-profit news reporting.

The primary purpose (by far) of the mass media is to make money. And when there is a conflict between informing the American people and making money, we almost always end up misinformed. (Even Eliot Spitzer, who suffered a similar conspiratorial fate, was afraid to say anything about the motives behind Weinergate. He works for for-profit news now.)

Distraction is being used as a weapon.

And if they succeed, this weapon will kill tens of thousands of Americans a year.

So, what case is it that gives Judge Clarence Thomas the power to kill tens of thousands of Americans a year? A case challenging the constitutionality of the health care reform bill.

This isn't about Weiner's wiener. This is about real world privatized death “panels” who intend to deny insurance customers payouts again. This is about insurance companies keeping all the money – and letting us die. This is about overturning a law they don't feel like abiding. This is about subverting the will of the American people. This is about insurance companies overthrowing this part of our democracy.

Anthony Weiner never committed any crime. Contrast that with Justice Clarence Thomas:

Judge Clarence Thomas' wife, Ginni, has received almost $700,000 in money from right wing organizations – that they somehow “forgot” to report... for the past 20 years. Is this illegal? Oh hell yeah.

But there's more. What looks like judicial insider trading has already occurred. Back when Clarence Thomas was having a hard time getting his conformation for Supreme Court Justice (because he was being accused of sexual harassment by a respectable attorney, Anita Hill), an organization known as Citizens United spent $100,000 on attack ads against his Congressional detractors. And guess what; years later, Clarence Thomas (in what was obviously a conflict of interest) ruled in favor of Citizens United in a case that allows big money to flood electoral politics.

Weiner's wiener is a distraction.

The real crime is that the Supreme Court has been corrupted.

The consequences of this corruption is essentially the loss of our democracy.

The consequences of this corruption is the control of our nation by a cleptocracy.

The consequences of this corruption is one more step towards the citizenry becoming a nation of sweat shop wage/tax slaves with no hope for fair health care – or justice.

Weinergate is an act of war against the American people.

Weinergate is a distraction from the blatant “crimes” Justice Clarence Thomas has and will commit against us.

If the health care reform bill were to be declared unconstitutional:

Tens of thousands of people will become at risk of dying untimely deaths every year without adequate health care – while the insurance industry will make grossly unfair profits.

By voting for Obama, the American people voted for better health care – and we would again, whoever the candidate. However, it appears that our present political system is incapable of stopping the plutocracy from gutting our democracy and denying us reasonable health care that other countries all over the world already provide. Think about what this says about our health “care” system. They'll let you die if it means more money for them. Being above the law isn't good enough for them. They want to be the law. That's how fascists think.

It appears that the only thing that can stop them now is a real threat of a real revolution. It appears now that the oligarchs feel so in control that they don't fear anything – except being murdered... Frighteningly, it just may be that it really is getting that bad. But what else can we expect. When we reach a point where the rule of law no longer exists, what other threat is there?

Humans are extraordinarily peaceful. People have to be pushed hard to kill. I don't expect a nation full of Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) copycats. But think about this: Every year, tens of thousands of people are being told that they are terminally ill. If health care reform is killed, some of these people will realize that they could have lived – if we were allowed to better control our health care system. Wouldn't you expect them to be angry? Maybe even angry enough to kill?

If health care reform is killed, maybe the next “terrorist” attacks will be revenge attacks against insurance company executives – maybe even against their investors.

Let's avoid that. Let's finish what Anthony Weiner was trying to do. Let's convince Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from this case.

...And maybe we can get a little justice out of the Justice Department too.


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