Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How They Intend To Collapse Our Economy

Everyone knows that competition in the marketplace leads to innovation.
Everyone knows that monopolization of a market leads to stagnation and price gouging.

So why is Congress trying to pass legislation to destroy competition to the music and movie industry?
That's what they've been paid off to do.

The SOPA and PIPA are bills that were essentially written by the established record industry and the established movie industry. Without huge donations to members of the House and Senate, these bills would have gone nowhere. This is what legislation for sale looks like.

For years we've witnessed the established music and movie industry trying to sue their competition out of business.

Quite a few years ago, I committed to never buy music again from the music monopoly – after they sued out of business.

The music industry's goal isn't to build a better mousetrap.
Their goal is to dominate the mousetrap market – and make you eat their crappy cheese. 
And if they stifle freedom of speech - too bad. 
As far as they're concerned, only money is speech.

But this isn't just the music and movie industry committing what should be crimes.
Every industry that has paid to move legislation through Congress has pushed monopolistic laws. That's why we see almost every industry out there monopolized.

A government for sale to the highest bidder writes the worst legislation. Because the people who want the worst legislation are willing to bid the highest.

This is the root of our crisis.
We have to get money out of politics, or our system is guaranteed to fail.

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