Friday, February 24, 2012



It's ready.
I'm ready. 


It took three years to get here... (Actually, it took a lifetime.)

I'm ready to take a stab at a full-length feature – about crowd-source designing a new culture – adapted to real-world conditions.

No small task, I admit.
But it's what we need most. We need a vision.
No, there won't be any drugs involved. But that's more your decision than mine.

The vision I'm speaking of is one of insight. We need a vision of our ideal. We need a vision of empowerment. We need a vision of freedom. We need a realistic concept of our ideal future – without being too idealistic.

But what is too idealistic? Is the dream of a true democracy too idealistic? Is living tomorrow, after living like there's no tomorrow, too idealistic? Is working together towards a goal that satisfies us all too idealistic? ...If so, we're dead.

Common sense should not be too idealistic.

Common sense wisdom has kept our species alive for tens to hundreds of thousands of years. Television news personalities haven't even been around for a hundred.

Much religious wisdom is common sense wisdom. When you here it, it just makes sense.

We need a common sense vision of who we want to be.

I need your help in creating that vision. I need your ideas – so that I can group them into a video – which hopefully will be much more than just a collection of ideas and wisdom. With your help, we hope to assemble a plan.

Please visit my Kickstarter presentation to hear my offer.

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