Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fracking may come to Nevada much bigger than we've been told.‏

It looks like “Noble” Energy plans to frack Nevada much more than we've been told.

A Review Journal article reports that “Noble” Energy plans to frack outside of Wells, Nevada.

But in their reports to investors, “Noble” Energy has maps that also show extensive potential fracking alongside the West face of the Ruby Mountain Range.

The map is in the "Noble" Energy Exploration presentation to investors on page 11.

The consequences of taking millions of gallons of Nevada's fresh water, poisoning it with dangerous fracking fluids, and pumping those millions of gallons of poisoned fracking water underground in this area will likely include the polluting of ground water under Lamoile, Spring Creek, South Fork and possibly even Elko. Moreover, springs in the area will very likely release this polluted water and/or poisonous natural gas into tributaries of the Humbolt River.

And it looks like they're hoping to frack almost half a billion barrels of oil effective (BBoe) from Nevada. This graph is on the "Noble" Energy Operations Summary presentation on page 11.

As usual with dangerous polluting methods like fracking, it looks like we're being lied to about everything.

...The fossil fuel industry has a long record of killing people and life indiscriminately; with leaded gasoline, environmental destruction, air pollution, oil spills, global warming, and water poisoning

And Nevadans appear to be next in their sights. 

Don't expect much help from the government. Along with the big banks, the health "care" industry, and the military/industrial complex; the fossil fuel industry owns most of the politicians. The oil and gas industry has donated $238.7 million dollars to candidates and parties since 1990 (75% to Republicans). Nevada's State Senator Dean Heller is near the top of the list of dirty money recipients. And if that isn't enough, many politicians own stock in the fossil fuel industry. 

There are corrupt people in this country who probably feel that they are above the law... They probably write the laws. But they are not more powerful than all of the rest of us combined. We won't be able to undo this environmental disaster - and "Noble" Energy has no intentions whatsoever of averting it. It is up to us. How much do you love this place? 

Nevada needs something like an Idle No More movement (on steroids) before this happens. Waiting until the damage is done is waiting until it's too late... for then; even imprisonment - even revenge won't be enough. 


Anonymous said...

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