Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Corrupt and Corrupter

While I was watching the hearing of the oil executives before a House Committee on C-SPAN, I noticed something very interesting. I could spot the Republicans on the Committee almost instantly. C-SPAN didn't initially show whether the Committee member was Democrat or Republican. This gave me time to guess. And I was able to pick the Republicans with 100% accuracy.

How did I do it? Simple; if the first words out the Committee members' mouth sounded like they were kissing the oil executives' asses, they were Republicans. That's right, 100% accuracy!

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I believe the Democrats are the good guys and the Republicans are the bad guys. It's more like corrupt and corrupter. But it sure looks like the Republicans have completely sold out.

Maybe that's why the oil companies are getting $18 Billion in tax breaks and alternative energy lost theirs.

This isn't the first time oil executives have had to face a tongue lashing from Congress - and nothing else. The Daily Show parodied that this has happened for about the past three years.

This is corruption at it's worst in Washington. Pay up or your business dies – and the little guys can't afford to pay up. The problem is that not only are these small energy companies unable to bring us truly clean energy, but our future is in serious doubt. Quite simply, the oil companies can't buy their way out of global warming and extreme climate change. But Congress seems to think so. And the Republican Party has been taking the most graft.

This can't last. Republicans have realized that we're catching on. Americans are becoming less and less willing to vote for Republicans. And Exxon just might be more willing to invest in alternatives if we stop buying their gas. Shell and BP are investing heavily in alternative energy. As a symbolic gesture, maybe we should buy their gas instead.

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