Monday, April 28, 2008

Delta, Utah - Smog Pictures

These are two pictures of the coal fired power plant at Delta, Utah.

  • The first picture shows the smokestack, with mountains barely visible in the background.
  • The second picture shows a power line, with the smokestack barely visible in the background. In this picture, the mountains are totally obscured by smog.

These pictures are in no way retouched.
It was a clear day (only an hour before) just across the border, in Nevada.
The photos were taken from the South, with the sun behind the camera (which would have given the clearest shots).

This is smog.
This is what it looks like here on a good day.
I've heard it looks a lot worse during winter temperature inversions.


Anonymous said...

Damn, that is bad!

Big Tom said...

I'm sorry sir but you are mistaken. That is not smog from the power plant, it is dust and a result of a stable air mass over the area which will always give you poor surface visibility. I grew up in Delta and can tell you we have many days that are crystal clear and your pictures are a very bad day. Plus that power plant is one of the cleanest burning coal fired plants in the country.

Natalie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hank said...

I too grew up in Delta. I helped my pa farm pre ipp and post ipp "was in my earily teens when it was built". That isn't smog from the plant in the background, that grubby yellow stuff from that stack in the other picture absolutely is, but not the background behind it. The weather usually comes from that direction, so the haze wouldn't come from there. Another little point, if your going to have a power plant, what better place to have it? My grandpa had the farm before us, and always said the soil in delta was very alkaline, so any acids that come from the stack would actually help the area, not hurt. Go figgure.. "Don't believe me google map the area, and look at all the alkaline flats".

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