Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our Prime Directive

I was recently reminded of the “prime directive” watching an encore presentation (rerun) of Star Trek – Next Generation.

If you've ever watched Star Trek, you'd remember that the “prime directive” was very important... hey, it was the “prime” directive.

This got me to thinking. We should have a prime directive. Humanity should have a prime directive. Maybe you can help me out here. I don't really know what that prime directive should be. But I guess I would start with something like; “to respect all life.”

This isn't anything new. Our ancestors often had cultural traits “to respect all life.” I would say this is merely common sense. But a common sense prime directive makes sense to me. Our prime directive should make “common” sense. In fact, it should make sense not just now, but also in the long run.

A prime directive should be well thought out, yet obvious to anyone.

...And then I got to thinking. Wait a minute. We already have a prime directive. But it was not well thought out. It's never been voted on. It's never even been openly considered. But there it is – standing out like an oh so sore thumb. Humanity has decided on a prime directive without ever consciously having thought about it. Our civilization's prime directive? “To make as much money as we can.”

Present day humanity's prime directive is to be as greedy as possible – essentially at all costs.

If there is intelligent life out there, it's no wonder they don't wish to associate with us.

Our prime directive is to care only about money.

Our prime directive is to convert anything of tangible wealth into money.

Our prime directive will ultimately lead to the conversion of everything of real wealth into money – which is only a perceived wealth. (Hey; you can't eat money.)

Our prime directive is to consume and pollute everything on our planet.

Our prime directive is effectively to self-destruct as quickly as possible!

It is time for our civilization to consciously decide what we really want.

Otherwise, we'll only get what we think we want.


OK, here goes – my personal prime directive (subject to revision):

To learn from the past,

to plan for the future,

to respect all life.

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