Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Where There DEFINITELY Was A God

What if you visited a parallel universe where there definitely was a God?

What if there were a place where everyone just knows all about God, right from birth?

What would it be like if there were no mystery?

There would be no need for a Bible, Koran, or Talmud. Everyone would already know what God wants.

There would only be one church – in all of history. Because no one would be confused.

The church wouldn't need money. Money would obviously be trivial to this more revealed God. (In fact, if this God wanted people to go to church; maybe all people would have to do is pray for a church – and one would just miraculously appear.)

Yet, the people would not pray for God to change things, because they would know and appreciate this all-knowing God's will and purpose.

Since this God is all-powerful in this parallel universe, there would also be no Heaven and Hell. It would only make sense there – that if God created you knowing that you would end up doing whatever he created you to do, your destination is God's decision. And if God loved his people, he wouldn't create any of them destined for Hell.

...Of course, these people would still have free will. They would simply not be created so flawed that they deserve Hell. The only thing anywhere near hellish for them would merely be the undesirable consequences of their actions.

...And maybe the people there would know God so well that they would realize that God will not rescue them from a crisis they themselves create... Consequently, the people there would act rationally.


In this parallel universe where God definitely exists; the people would trust their common sense, they would not need to financially support authorities who scare them into submission, and they would logically take on the responsibilities to which God has entrusted them.

Maybe even, in this parallel universe where God definitely exists, everyone would respect all of God's kingdom – even each other.

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