Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Fair Elections Act

There is a bill in Congress right now designed to take campaign contribution payoff money out of elections. It is called the Fair Elections Act.

Fair Elections are the KEY to a functional democracy!

And YOU are the KEY to fair elections!

Presently, no one can get elected without taking money for campaign contributions.
All candidates are essentially REQUIRED to take what are effectively BRIBES.

Until we stop this practice, we have lost our democracy.
Corruption amongst our politicians is a symptom.
We are the problem.

We have passively accepted our demotion from citizens to wage slaves.

If you really want change from the perversely corrupt system we all now suffer from, support this bill.


Do you really think ANY candidate likes begging for money from people they know will want favors later?

Even corporate CEOs are supporting this bill.

Let's change the system. If we can accomplish that, our elected representatives will have the power to govern with their conscience. Moreover, in the future, the most corrupt politicians just might not end up with the most money.

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