Saturday, August 08, 2009

Time To Put Up or Shut Up

This is it. This is our only chance to voice our opinion about the watergrab. We don't get a vote. But we can influence those who do.

Earlier this summer, Pat Mulroy said that if the Lake Mead water level dropped to 1075 feet, there would have to be a vote on the watergrab by the SNWA Board. But it didn't happen. A wet Spring has kept Lake Mead from dropping that far. So, what does Pat Mulroy do? Schedule a vote anyway – on August 20. (to see the Eyewitness News video - click here)

Pat Mulroy wants to get the project passed as soon as possible – because resistance is building. People are starting to understand how expensive and destructive this really will be.

So what's the hurry? Vegas isn't growing like it used to. The water isn't going anywhere. Why would Pat Mulroy be in such a hurry to spend billions of Las Vegas' money? Most likely the reasons are personal.

I suspect back-room deals might have been made with a potential pipeline construction company. This is starting to look a lot like a revolving door trick. If Pat Mulroy were to get hired on in the private sector, she might make 5 to 10 times as much – especially if this construction company were to owe her a big favor.

Pat Mulroy is about to declare war on Rural Nevada.

She may not call it war, but the devastation will be the same.

My suggestion; FIRE PAT MULROY NOW!

With Mulroy gone, there isn't anybody to push so suspiciously for the watergrab.

This is life or death for the Central Great Basin.

Get off you couch and do something!

We need to be there, at the SNWA board meeting. We need to remind them this is wrong. If one fifth of the residents of White Pine County were to be there to protest the vote, that would be 2000 people. If we can get that many people there from WPC, we should be able to get at least as many from Las Vegas.

We could have a Tea Party. This pipeline will be an enormous, multi-billion dollar burden on Las Vegas. There are bound to be a huge number of people in Southern Nevada who don't want to get stuck paying for this. Now is the time to protest. (Just imagine how the vote might go if the board knew they had to pass thousands of angry protesters afterwards.) This is our only chance to speak our minds where it could make a difference. Be there. August 20, 9:00 am, the Molasky Corporate Center, 100 City Parkway, Las Vegas.

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