Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Liberal Libertarianism

In my last entry, I attacked free-market economics. In this entry I will recommend we need more of it. But I am not contradicting myself – because free-markets are not utilized evenly.

If you are poor, you likely live primarily in a free market. However, if you are of the privileged class, free markets are for the other guys.

Consider this:

Although the poor outnumber the rich by a huge margin in this country, you've never heard the population of the poor referred to as “too big to fail.”

And, of course, though the big banks got themselves into trouble gambling with sketchy loans; the American government has decided that the rest of us shall be the equivalent of these problem gamblers' enablers.

...But don't take my word for it. Both filmmaker Michael Moore and Congressman Ron Paul have spoken out on this.

Michael Moore has been called a Socialist. Ron Paul has been a Libertarian. They may not agree on anything else, but they both agree that the American people have been robbed by the big banks... And they both agree that essentially nothing has been done about it – by our Government.

At this rate, it seems inevitable that things will have to get worse before they get better.

I highly recommend both Michael Moore's movie; CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY, and Congressman Ron Paul's book; END THE FED.

Michael Moore and Ron Paul both have it right – at either end of the spectrum.

A government's function (in its economy) should be to help the under-privileged out of poverty and the over-privileged out of complacency.

And our government is failing at both.

How bad will things have to get before we face these truths?

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