Monday, October 05, 2009

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Americans admire honesty, responsibility, and bravery.

We're desperate for heroes.

So, why are these qualities so rare in Washington?

We know the answer.

Because heroes don't often last long.

So; it's exhilarating when we do see someone in Washington taking a stand (which everyone should be taking).

These are the type of elected representatives we want. The American people want officials who have the will to stand up and speak the truth. We're tired of lies. We're tired of the ruthless getting richer. We're tired of our future being destroyed.

Americans overwhelmingly voted for President Obama hoping that he could be our hero. As we have now seen, he's only going to stick his neck out so far without millions of us to back him up (or push him). Even as the President of the United States, there's only so much Obama can do. We need the Senate and House to stand up for us too. And it isn't happening.

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Capitalism should not mean legislation to the highest bidder.

Americans are sick and tired of practically evil sell-out Republicans and wimpy sell-out Democrats. If this keeps up, 2010 will be the year of the Third Party.

Our system is not working right:

We need heros – now!

And a few people have stepped up – sometimes under unusual circumstances.

It is disgusting that for years now, the likes of Karl Rove have gone after an organization like ACORN – with the obvious intent of keeping poor people from voting – and they've been getting away with it. Karl Rove seems to even have gotten away with the mass firing of US Attorneys – for not prosecuting ACORN.

In this travesty, there is a ray of real hope. The “ACORN Standard” for policing federal expenditures just might get used on some real criminals – unscrupulous federal contractors.

Senator Bernie Sanders recently said; "The sad truth of the matter is that virtually every major defense contractor in this country has, for a period of many years, been engaged in systemic, illegal, and fraudulent behavior, while receiving hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money."

Thank you Senator Sanders. We just might see some improved standards for Government contractors – if we step up and support what few heroes we do have in Washington.

The brutal reality in America's government is that a candidate can't get elected these days without piles of dollars to support their campaign.

Our politicians have just adapted to their environment...

It's time to change their environment.

All we have to do is NOT vote for the candidates with the big contributions from the usual suspects. In a very short time, we'll see a different group, with a far better agenda.

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