Friday, February 05, 2010

Finally - Justice!

You hear the pundits on TV talking about it all the time; freedom, freedom, freedom. I'm all for freedom, but what kind of freedom? This is critically important. Because freedom without justice is not really the kind of freedom we want.

Southern Nevada developers want freedom. They want the freedom to take water from the rest of Nevada. I see that as the freedom to steal.

Apparently Las Vegas developers feel that since there are more people in Southern Nevada cities than are in Rural Nevada, they should have priority. This sort of makes sense in a democracy. But should they always have priority?

Let's face it, if cities always had priority over rural areas, we would no longer have a true democratic republic. What makes a just political system is minority rights, not majority rule. Pure majority rule is simply oppression.

Southern Nevada developers want to take the most valuable thing Rural Nevada has. We live in the high desert – get it, desert. Water is the one thing we need the most – because we don't have much.

Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) wants to take our water. And they have been doing everything they can to railroad this watergrab project through. Emily Green wrote a revealing article about the history of the watergrab recently. To read it click here.

The SNWA railroad effort wasn't flawless, however. Our (Great Basin Water Network's) attorneys found a flaw in the law Southern Nevada had changed – to favor the watergrab. Consequently, justice found a toehold. YES!!!

(If George Knapp's video isn't here, you can read the report if you click here)

The fight isn't over yet, however. As long as the water is there, SNWA (or some greedy corporation) will be trying to take it. Justice requires constant diligence.


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