Friday, February 12, 2010


So now Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) thinks they can sneak around the Nevada Supreme Court... Unbelievable!

They want to do a end-run around the Nevada Supreme Court ruling (that decided against SNWA) by slipping in back-door water legislation (to “fix” the back-door water legislation from a few years ago) during the State special session. You know, the special session that's supposed to be about the budget deficit.

This is dirty politics at it's worst.

SNWA asked for reconsideration by the State Supreme Court, then asked for a time extension – apparently so they can have time to bypass the Courts in the Legislature. To amend what? To amend an amendment. SNWA lobbyists had an amendment passed in 2003 (to an existing law ensuring protestors a hearing on claims). This amendment essentially allowed SNWA to be above the law (Nevada water law that is). Of course, the State Supreme Court wasn't impressed and ruled against it. So now SNWA is getting a little help from Allen Biaggi, the Nevada director of Conservation and Natural Resources (the State Water Engineer's boss). Allen Biaggi has crafted a bill to amend the amendment – that shouldn't have been amended in the first place.

But there is something we can do about it, if we act soon. Please call the Nevada Governor's Office at 775-684-5670. Ask our Governor to keep the water issue off the agenda of the Special Session on the budget. Request that the issue be left to the courts to finish the process.

Of all people, our State's own director of Conservation and Natural Resources, Allen Biaggi, has shown his true colors as a total sell-out.

When Allen Biaggi came out to talk to us in White Pine County, he sounded so much like he really cared about Rural Nevada and the environment. Apparently, it was all a lie.

We're watching you Allen Biaggi. You're not about conservation; you're all about exploitation. As soon as things don't go the way of big money, you're right there for them to do their dirty work. Obviously, you're headed for a revolving door on SNWA's payroll... Hey, if I'm wrong, come out and say so in public. Go ahead, tell us you'll never take a job with SNWA. I want to be wrong about this one. I don't want to believe that you're just some self-serving bureaucrat, making blatantly corrupt moves so that you can get some high paying job in the future with the same organization you helped out now. But until I hear you say it, you've lost all my faith.

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