Thursday, July 29, 2010

Distraction As A Weapon


Magicians use it to get us to temporarily believe the impossible. Pickpockets use it to steal from us. And those who own the mainstream media use it to manipulate public opinion.

But a weapon? Oh yes. If people are killed, wildlife dies, or your wealth is taken away from you against your will; the equivalent of a weapon has been used.

We need to pay attention to the fact that propaganda doesn't always have to look like propaganda. In fact, the most effective propaganda often just gets you to look away.

Need and example? Illegal Immigration.

Illegal immigrants are the least powerful people in this country. They don't even have the right to vote, much less the money to pay for lobbyists. But a whole group of (mostly white) people in this country have been convinced that “illegal immigrants” are the source of all our problems. What's worse; another, much larger group has been convinced to look away from the real problem... The real problem?

If you work like a slave for $2 an hour, you're an “illegal immigrant.”

If you get $20 in food stamps a week, you're likely to be called a “welfare mother.”

If you steal $200 from a credit card company that charges you usury interest rates, you go to (a privatized) jail.

But, if you steal $200 million from taxpayers, you get to run the country.

The real problem is that too many greedy powerful people are taking way too much. We could deal with a few thieves. But it has become a free-for-all for the powerful. There's hardly anything keeping them from taking everything. They call it a “business friendly” “free market” economy.


And they've got us believing that that's just the way things are, and that that's the way it will always be – like the weather. But that isn't the way it will always be (like the climate). Someday, we will either stop the hemorrhaging, or there will be nothing left to take.

Our beloved democratic republic has metastasized into a cleptocracy. The mega-thieves have taken over. And until we stop them, they will take everything – and leave us desperately impoverished slaves in a polluted, dying world.

Are you motivated yet?

If you are; they'll call you a bleeding heart.

But if you're a bleeding heart – because you see wrongs and want to right them, what does that make your accusers?

How about uncaring, selfish, greedy, cold hearted, misdirecting liars who would rather live by unfairness of the law of the jungle than the rule of law.

That would make them un-American.

The Bill of Rights was written to reduce the power of the privileged class.

The Revolutionary War was fought to break away from a ruling class.

The Founding Fathers cared.

They cared enough to risk their lives to create a system with checks and balances.

Now, the present powers-that-be don't want you to notice how out of balance things really are.


And the weapon is aimed at us.


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