Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Reasons For Rioting In The Streets

What a day. What a day...

  1. A Bill in Congress today was blocked from passage by the usual suspects – the (vote no on everything) Republican Party. This Bill was particularly damning for Republicans, however. It was a campaign contribution disclosure Bill.

  2. 37 billion dollars was committed to continuing the Afghanistan “war” against the Al Qaeda army, jet fighters, tanks, handful of civilian guerrillas with small arms and home made bombs. (There was some marginally good news, however. A number of Democrats decided this time to vote against supporting yet another Viet Nam.)

  3. A Pentagon audit has disclosed that 95% of the 9 billion dollars for the hailed Iraqi reconstruction (between 2004 and 2007) has vanished.

Now, let me get this straight; We don't get to know who is trying to manipulate our opinions. We don't get to end a war against a country with less that 100 Al Qaeda members left in it. And, in some instances, 95% of our tax dollars are just being embezzled.

You've got to wonder; how does one just misplace almost 9 billion dollars - and nobody notice for years?

Our elections have become like horse races; they make tons of money for the mass media, the election winners, and the big “contributors” – while they often serve as merely a distraction (from making real progress) for the rest of us.

Some of those secret contributors get enormous benefits on government projects we would do better without – such as war, occupation, oppression, and empty promises of reconstruction.

It has gotten so bad that in some cases, almost all of our tax money is just disappearing.


How broken does our system have to be before it just collapses of its own largess?

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