Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Microchip Implant Needed

A couple of years ago, I watched Alex Jones talk (on the right-leaning conspiracy website prisonplanet.com) about microchip implants.

Supposedly, all the banks want to go to a cashless society, so that they can have total control over a nation's (or even the world's) money. And through the use of implanted microchips; a person's health records, security clearance records, citizenship records, and of course bank records could be with them at all times. No need for cash. Though quite convenient, and in many ways quite desirable; these microchips would also be quite hackable. In fact, Alex Jones was convinced that this would be the final step in how the powers-that-be intended to take total control over us.

It sounded a little far-fetched.

The key point about all this was that these microchip implants would become so indispensable that those who had control over them would have enormous control over your fate.

Imagine if some company were poisoning your local water/air/food supply. You protest. You your protests get heard. You anger the wrong people, and they shut off your microchip implant... If your link to the electronic world were shut down, it would be like being excommunicated from a cashless economy. Beep. Instant homelessness – begging for food.

Wow! Pretty scary. But what's really scary is the banks don't need a microchip implant to do it.

We just saw the big banks refuse to do business with Wikileaks – right after an announcement that the next leaks would be about leaked banking documents.

Beep. Wikileaks has been excommunicated from the Internet economy.

No trials. No charges. Nothing other than Julian Assange made them angry. Now that's power. But it's not democratic power. It's not power of the rule of law. It's not even power of a higher moral authority. It's just raw power. And they intend to use it. They just did. And if it succeeds, everyone will know what can be done to them if the choose to dissent.

What Alex Jones feared most, we now have on the Internet.

If we don't challenge this now, no one will ever again be capable of telling the truth about the banks on the Internet – and expect to make a living.

...We need a hacker's bank.

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