Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well, here it is Christmas season again, and I'll bet the “big profit” pundits are out there getting the right wing-nuts all riled up about the “war on Christmas” again. From my point of view, it seems impossible anyone would believe this nonsense propaganda. But apparently, some do.

There is no war on Christmas. I should know. I'm supposed to be one of the people at war with Christmas. But that's the furthest thing from my mind. There are parties at Christmas. There are celebrations. People get together with old friends and family. I wouldn't want to miss that. This is what has made the Winter Holiday season so popular – since long before Christianity even existed.

I'm not actually a Christian, so I might not celebrate like Christians, but I'm willing to celebrate right along with them. There is no war on Christmas. If anything, we just want to include New Years, Hanuka, Winter Solstice, and whatever other excuse we can to party and get presents.

So, what war is there? Let's see: The wing-nuts are angry at the Left. (So, what's new?) Yes. There is a war. It's a war on the Left.

Think about it. Who are the victims here? Those “poor” Christians, who can't force everyone else to believe like they do? Or the non-Christians, who, even though they play along with the Christmas celebrations; are depicted as depraved psychos trying to destroy Christmas.

There is definitely a war. It's a covert war on the Left. And it is much more than a propaganda war to make the Left look unreasonable (like the war on Christmas).

There is literally a war on the Left in America.

This war is so ingrained into our society that most of us don't even realize that it's even there. This war has been going on for so long that none of us remember a time when there wasn't a war on the Left. (And part of that war is to frame the Left as a bunch of radical atheists.)

The “big profit” pundits have tried to frame this as a war on the Right. But let's consider the blatantly obvious.

Where is the Right's equivalent to:

  • Martin Luther King

  • John and Robert Kennedy

  • John Lennon

  • Malcom X

  • Senator Paul Wellstone

  • the peaceful Left-wing demonstrators who were shot down at Kent State

  • the peaceful Left-wing demonstrators who so many times have been beaten, gassed, arrested, and treated like radicals – or even terrorists

  • the peaceful Left-wing demonstrators who have been forced to protest in far removed zones

  • the peaceful Left-wing demonstrations that never get reported (when far smaller Right wing demonstrations, such as those of the tea party, get front page news)

And where are the Left's equivalents to:

  • McCarthyism

  • the private army's of for-profit “security” who violently suppressed early unions

  • the drug war

  • the massive Homeland Security crackdown on eco-“terrorists”

  • the U.S. prison populations that are the highest per capita in the world

  • the mass media's constant propaganda attacks on the Left

And add to this, we must consider:

  • the Left is being taxed unmercifully to pay for wars we don't support

  • the Left is being taxed unmercifully to pay for laws we don't support

  • the Left is being taxed unmercifully to support the greedy among the rich (who have essentially made us all wage slaves)

  • some "Americans" have millions (or even billions) of dollars in wealth received from tax dollars, while they pay little in taxes.
  • millions of unhappy Americans have been effectively neutralized by big pharma drugs
  • millions of Americans are being held in prisons for victimless crimes
  • the Internet has just been privatized by the Obama FCC
  • America's election controls have been gutted by the "Supreme" Court
  • and though the Real Left (not the "moderate" Left) hasn't been in political power since President Jimmy Carter, the Left still get's blamed for all our problems

There is no war on Christmas.

There is a war on the Left.

For the most part, the powers-that-be have won this covert war. But only because the good people of America haven't accepted the oppression for what it really is.

It's time to take notice of the War on the Left.

We're Americans too.

And just because we don't always agree with the powers-that-be doesn't mean we're always wrong.

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