Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Being In Nature Is Like Going Back To Your Soul

Being in Nature is like going back to your soul.

...You know what I'm talking about; that feeling that you are more complete when you feel you're a part of a natural place.

And you should. No man is an island. We are just a part of life on Earth – but we should relish that.

Have you ever thought about how the words soul and Sol sound so much alike. One word represents the energy within us and the other word represents the energy from the Sun. If this were a coincidence, I would be very surprised. Our ancestors knew. Our ancestors knew that we are more than that which is contained in our bodies.

We are a part of life on Earth.

That is so special.

Just consider the alternative: If we were to be truly alone (say floating in a spacecraft) – we would die – of hunger, stale air, and loneliness. We crave the Grand Central Station of life. We crave the beauty of life all around us. We crave the balance. We crave the feeling of completeness.

We crave the feeling of a complete soul. And we are more likely to feel that feeling when we are in Nature. In fact, fresh air actually feels like the breath of life – because it is.

This perception makes sense if we think of the life all around us as the rest of our soul. And this perception of our soul makes sense if we think of the life around us as that consciousness which lives on after our body dies.

And if this all makes sense, then destroying nature for money is destroying a part of your soul.

It seems some people will do most anything for money...

Including sell their soul.

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