Sunday, March 20, 2011

We Wouldn't Vote For This

Solar power is cheaper than nuclear power – at the counter – no need to add in the cost of externalities (such as the cost of nuclear waste storage - to be footed by the taxpayer, or the cost of cleanups - to be footed by the taxpayer, or the cost of more cancer - to be footed by the sick - and the taxpayer).

Therefore, the Obama administration wants to give the nuclear industry eight billion dollars in loan guarantees. That's right. They want to give away billions of dollars in taxpayer money for something the taxpayers would never vote for.

The American government continues to fight legitimate renewable energy – even though there's a nuclear power plant in Japan on the verge of meltdown, and every other country on the planet is having second thoughts about nuclear power.

And why is this reactor about to meltdown? Because it lost power. That's it. It lost power. Did you know that we would never completely lose power if it were distributed amongst multiple renewable sources. And if we somehow did, what would happen? Nothing.

On top of all that; when it looks like hydrogen energy is becoming viable (without the use of hydrocarbons as a feedstock), the Obama administration de-funds it.

Forget about the Tea Party; the Obama Administration makes Alice in Wonderland's tea party look sane.

There's more. It looks like we've got another oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. That's right, the massive BP oil spill wasn't enough to get Congress to act – and write a sane Energy Bill. So, now we have another chance to act. But it won't happen. They'll just let this new catastrophe play out too, continue to give the fossil fuel industry billions of our money in subsidies, and hope Americans can't pay attention.

The American people voted for President Obama and the Democrats because we were tired of the Republican party lying to us about what they were going to do about global warming. And now we've got Democrats doing the same damn thing.

Richard Nixon was a better environmental President.

It is time to realize that the American government has lapsed into total corruption.

The Republican Party exists to make the rich richer.

The Democratic Party exists to make you think you have an alternative.

This is not free trade. This is government sanctioned suppression of innovation.

This is not freedom. This is a militaristic empire draining the wealth of its citizens.

This is not democracy. This is legislation for sale to the highest bidder.

This is not sustainable.

This is not even functional.

This system is doomed.

No new politician is going to be able to change this.

No desperately needed internal reform is going to happen.

No business as usual fix is going to be anywhere near enough.

Either we the people fix it, or we go down with it.

What this country needs is more democracy – direct democracy.

The masses may not be very smart, but we're smarter than this.

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