Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toxic Air Fresheners

Think about the insane irony of this:

We live in a country that allows companies to sell us toxic air-fresheners.

...This is a sign.
This is a really bad sign.
This is a sign that our system is fundamentally flawed. And this isn't the only sign.

We live in a country that subsidizes (with billions of taxpayers' dollars) the sale of toxic fossil fuels by filthy rich companies – who make tens of billions of dollars in profits every fiscal Quarter by hiding the real cost of fossil fuels.

We live in a country that essentially authorized the sale of hundreds of billions of dollars in toxic debt – only to force the taxpayers (us) to pay the crooked banks' debts when their schemes failed. 

Are we all so jaded by bad news that we aren't willing to see the obvious?
Our system rewards bad behavior. We're shitting in our own mess kit. Or at least we're allowing others to pollute, in some way or another, everyone's mess kit.

We can't just keep letting them get away with this. Everybody suffers.

Our country is being run by the least scrupulous among us. They're the ones willing to pay the highest price to influence politics. This process is so infused into our system that we perceive it as the “real world.”

But our “real world” is in dire trouble. And if we don't fix things, ultimately there won't be anything left to fix.

We desperately have to fix our political and reward system, and we're running out of time.

But fixing things won't be easy.
Because we can't fix anything until we've fixed everything.

I believe a lot of people have figured this out.
I think this may be what the #OCCUPY movement is about.

I support them. And I hope to join them soon.

What this Country needs is more democracy.

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