Monday, December 05, 2011

What Is The Matrix?

The Matrix is the web of lies that keep us slaves to an irresponsible and corrupt system that will ultimately collapse.

Why do we accept the Matrix?

Because it gives us permission to be irresponsible too. 

But... not like this... 

They have systematically rigged the game. 

To see how the most dangerous of them do it click here.

How can we wake up?

By committing to thorough, common sense, long term, outside of the box thinking – with the will to do what is necessary to develop a healthy systematic process of living and interacting.

In other words; by keeping an open mind about doing what is right – and mustering the will to follow through.

In other words; by consciously evolving. 

But how will that matter? 
Because then our society will be compelled to force America to become a true democracy - and we will vote on issues directly

When our representatives' authority is reduced to the authority of clerks, it won't be worth corrupting them. 

And maybe, just maybe, those who are draining America's strength will consciously evolve and realize that in the long run we all lose if we allow America to fail. No collapsed civilization in history has ever had a group of people cruise through unscathed - no matter how rich they were before the collapse. In the end, the rich just become the biggest target for crime.

(...Or you can watch Fox "News", CNN, or CNBC... 
They blame it all on the liberals.)  

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