Thursday, October 11, 2012

Myth Romney - Wall Street Chicken Hawk

Adolph Hitler once said; “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

Is the Mitt Romney story a Myth?

Ironically, the truth about Myth Romney is so shocking that his lies are easier to believe.

Here are some almost surreal examples:

Only four years after big bank gambling caused the Wall Street financial collapse, we have a presidential candidate almost directly from the seedy side of Wall Street (Mitt Romney was a corporate raider who was a business partner to Michael Milken and Goldman Sachs).

Myth Romney has hidden his tax returns from us – which is something that should automatically eliminate him from voters' consideration (because he probably paid next to nothing), yet it doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

Myth Romney can lie – and cheat – and steal the first debate from Obama. (Don't believe me? How many times did Romney get the last word? Almost every time. That's cheating. And the media barely mentioned it.)

...And then there's the one about Myth Romney's empty promise that we can have our economic cake and eat it too. (For instance; when he showed his true colors as a sell out to the oil companies – condemning renewable power with false data, falsely implying that America could pump all the oil it needs domestically, and ignoring Global warming.)

But my biggest concern was when he told the truth. He wants to drastically increase military spending.

...Now why would he want to do that?

Maybe because Sheldon Adelson has contributed $70 million to the Republican campaign this year? This is the highest campaign contribution in history by a factor of three! And what does Sheldon Adelson want for all that money? He must want something really big... I suspect he wants to buy a war. I suspect that Sheldon Adelson believes he can buy himself a war with Iran – for less than $100 million (his cost).

The whole concept is so outrageous that one has to step back and think about it. So... Sheldon Adelson wants to push us into a war with Iran? Wow! Could one person do that? Should they have the right? Well, with the “Supreme” Court decision on “Citizens United,” he now has the right. And he has the money. And he is a radical supporter of Israel. (What else could Sheldon Adelson possibly want for $100 million? The list is short and unconvincing.)

Sheldon Adelson is a radically staunch supporter of Israel. And President Obama has continued a long tradition of supporting Israel. But Obama hasn't done everything Israel hawks want without question. President Obama isn't a puppet to Israel. So, apparently; Sheldon Adelson wants to get rid of him. Sheldon Adelson so publicly supports Israel that this suspicion isn't really a stretch. And Republicans have been chomping at the bit to invade Iraq. The match-up seems inevitable.

And there it is... proof – right there in Myth Romney's projected military budget. That big ramp in military spending is the war with Iran. That's right; Mitt Romney already has the invasion and occupation of Iraq planned out (in his elusive budget).

But what will it cost us? At least $300 billion a year. Apparently, war profiteering can be very profitable. (Don't be surprised if some company like BainCapitol makes out like Haliburton did during the Dick Cheney Vice Presidency.)

So, some crazy old billionaire is trying to buy a war. Where is the outcry? I'm amazed! What has happened to America? In the time it has taken for the anti-war teenagers of the sixties and seventies to become the leaders of this country, America has forgotten the lessons of Viet Nam.

War is hell... but only if you're getting shot at.
War is very profitable if you're making the bullets.

The American military/industrial complex has become a giant, self-perpetuating mega-industry that makes money getting us into fights.

If Mitt Romney lies, cheats, and steals the election; America will soon be at war with Iran. This is another Viet Nam on top of Iraq and Afghanistan. And why? To keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons? This is a noble goal. But does it matter? What would actually happen if this nuke panic is realized? What if Iran were to get nuclear weapons? What then? How bad would it be? Well, most likely not really all that bad. Every country that has joined the nuclear weapons club has refused to use them as weapons.

Maybe the MAD theory (Mutually Assured Destruction) that the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. relied on for decades, works. It still makes sense. If Iran were to nuke Israel, Israel and the U.S. would pretty much vaporize Iran. Not worth it. And if Israel were to attack Iran; and Iran had nuclear weapons... well, all-out war ceases to become a reasonable option.

Like Viet Nam, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have taken a huge economic toll on America. So, how does Myth Romney intend to pay for a war with Iran? …especially when he intends to give everyone (including himself) a 20% tax cut? Deficit spending, of course – just like Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. did.

Of course, Myth Romney won't tell us he intends to even further increase the national debt. He claims he will get rid of some (secret to us) tax deductions. Nonetheless; getting rid of middle class tax breaks (such as tax deductions for house payments) won't pay for it. Myth Romney has to increase deficit spending to accomplish a tax break for the wealthy and a big increase in defense spending (on a defense program that is already more expensive than all of the rest of the worlds' defense spending combined). To cut taxes and increase spending, Myth Romney has to drive up the deficit by trillions of dollars.

That 20% tax break will cost America 5 trillion dollars over 10 years. That increase in defense spending of 300 billion dollars a year, over 10 years, could amount to another 3 trillion dollars. That's 8 trillion dollars of deficit spending Myth Romney won't admit to. And we let him get away with it... because he says he won't.

That's what makes the myth of Myth Romney so effective. Empty promises to voters – and total sell outs to contributors.

But the myth is even bigger than Myth Romney. This is the reality of our electoral system. Every politician has to take what are essentially required bribes. The whole system has become corrupted. A recent U.N. report cited the U.S. as a failing democracy. Our "uncontrolled, undisclosed, illegal and opaque" financing of elections has lead to the obvious; the turds float to the top. 

In an election that is actually an auction; the highest bidder inevitably wants the dirtiest deed – and the dirtiest candidates get the biggest “contributions.”

Things are getting worse faster than they are getting better.

And we can't expect them to fix this..

Let's vote on it...
Let's vote on issues.

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