Sunday, November 04, 2012

What Hasn't Been Said Enough About Our Elections

Does anyone remember the “Swiftboat Veterans for Truth”? They were lying.

When all that matters is winning, somebody has to lose – and those who lose the most are the people who believe the lies. 


It doesn't have to be that way. We could all win together.

As we witness the nations of Europe practicing “austerity” by saving their rich at the expense of everyone else, we have the choice of not following suit.

And what a choice.

We can pick between “things aren't going to get any better” or “things would get a lot worse.”

I'd like to cast my vote for “fixing things.” But that option doesn't seem to be on the ballot.
And why not?
Because there's not enough money in it for the greedy to think long term.
Ironically, the act of actually fixing things aren't really allowed in the political debate.

We watch the candidates debate over the somewhat ethereal deficit – yet never mention climate change; the force behind the ferocity of hurricane Sandy (and the droughts, and the tornadoes, and the flooding, and likely even Snowpocolypse).

Politics has become the act of distraction, deception, and disgust. Most of our votes will be votes against someone.

The Grand Old “Austerity” Party has shown us their true colors. They will lie... and they will cheat (on every occasion they can) so they can steal when in control. And who will they steal from? Well, let's just say (lie'n) Paul Ryan of the Republican Party wants to “invest” Social Security funds on Wall Street. Those are funds from the very people who have been duped into voting against their own best interests. These are the very people who get most of their “news” from for-profit media. (Not that there aren't a few good people in mass media, they just have be careful not to agitate their sponsors – which makes them liars of omission.)

The Savings and Loan collapse of the 1980's was a sign.
The Home Loan collapse of 2008 was a sign.
There a powerful people in the world who only care about what they can take – they have a lot of control in this country – and they may even stand to profit from America's downfall.

Remember; the Grand Old “Austerity” Party was the driving force behind deregulation of both the Savings and Loan industry and the Banking industry. Hmm...

And who does the “Austerity” Party pick for their chief downsizer? “Myth” Romney. A vulture capitalist with very close ties to the big Wall Street banks. And to top it all off, he won't show us his tax returns.

What kind of example of leadership is that? Are we supposed to believe that if one doesn't pay their taxes, they're more likely to get rich? That seems to be the case. The oligarchy has set a terrible example. America now has a culture of corruption the likes we have never seen before. Yet oddly; the Grand Old “Austerity” Party seems to consider that corrupt group their base.

Though there are good people in public office, the electoral system is rigged to keep them weak. Campaign contributions are in actuality required bribes. And the mass media just loves to pounce on public officials who aggravate their sponsors. Having a conscience and a spine in Washington pretty much assures one of a brief career – if any. Consequently, all we are left with is a bunch of part-time puppets to the uber-greedy.

The Republicans have apparently totally sold out to those who want to continue to loot and pillage until there's nothing left. And the Democrats are either unable or unwilling to stop them. In critical votes, such as the elimination of Glass/Steagall, some Democrats have been quite willing to join the Republicans.

Is America better off than it was 30 years ago? Candidate Ronald Reagan promised us less government regulations (you know, more freedom). That is definitely now true for the oligarchy; but the rest of us are stuck with Homeland “Security,” a failed drug war, privatized prisons, and more regulations and limitations on our liberty than ever in the history of the United States.

We now know what a corporate takeover of government looks like. We're witnessing a total takeover attempt right now.

And we know what the oligarchy plans to do (if they can). They are going to see to it that the rich don't have to care about the poor – and that the middle class pays for everything. And because the middle class is shrinking, those in the middle class will end up working like slaves. But that's not all. With austerity measures; the middle class tax dollars that get spent on services for the middle class will be minimized. So, even in hard times; the the pork keeps flowing. And the Stock Market keeps rising.

That's just corporate capitalism.

The system is rigged to ultimately take everything from us...
They call it “maximizing their profits.”

...but voting won't be enough. least not until we vote on issues.

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