Monday, April 15, 2013

Rural Nevada Is Just “Bush-Meat” To SNWA

We all know it...
At the rate we're going:

Humanity will “bush-meat” the planet.

(In case you don't know what “bush-meat” is; it is anything that can be killed and eaten by an increasingly desperate population. In many parts of the world, it is people eating the last of what's left of nature.)

But don't just blame the poor. This is effectively how our version of capitalism (dis)functions. Think about it... Capitalist thought has morphed into a gold-rush mentality of “take everything” (maximize profits).

...At the rate we're going; soon there won't be anything left to exploit.

Gold-rush capitalism has morphed our businesses and governments into monsters of consumption that destroy everything in the way of profits – including our environment, our democracy, our country, our civilization, and maybe even eventually humanity. 

In a way, that's effectively what the watergrab is; first world “bush-meat.”
They're willing to strip the very last bones of Rural Nevada for that last drop of profit.

Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) pretends that Las Vegas is the only place there is a drought. 
Yet Central Nevada is fairing no better...

Besides; Nevada water law states that SNWA can't take any more than the perennial yield (what rains that year). If there's a drought, there's a drought all over Nevada. Which means that there is no water to take. DAAA!!!

Of course, Nevada water law could be changed... And if one were powerful enough – and didn't care whether they destroyed the rest of the State, then a gold-rush for bush-meat makes sense.

In fact, the only way to guarantee that there will be water to pump across the State would be to alter Nevada water law.

Presently, water mining is illegal. If water tables drop too fast, SNWA presently could be forced to stop pumping by the Nevada State (Water) Engineer. Of course; water buffaloes this big aren't that easily stopped. After they spend $15 billion to $20 billion dollars on this Groundwater “Development” Project, how much more do you think they would be willing to spend to gut either Nevada Water Law or the power of the Nevada State Engineer. (Personally, I suspect the State Engineer already knows who runs the State.)

So, let's follow this insane idea to it's next (il)logical step:

The gaming industry in Las Vegas critically relies on the image of “the oasis in the desert.” They can't take the fountains down. But they have enough water now. 

It's growth that stands to radically change the equation. Even massive drought now would only require the residents of Southern Nevada to conserve better. However, a combination of drought and massive population increase could get desperate.

The construction and “growth” industry critically relies on growth of unsustainable cities – and big projects (like the watergrab pipeline).

Quite likely, some big tax-guzzling ratepayer-raping construction company believes it will be the one to build this watergrab pipeline. For the bigger part of $7 billion dollars, that construction company would most likely be willing to “influence” Clark County politics – maybe even Nevada politics.

By the time the residents of Southern Nevada realize that this Groundwater “Development” Project is a loss-leader scam, 2 to 3 million of them will be paying $30 to $100 more in waterbills per household per month for up to the next 50 years – and they will still want water.

Present water law won't stand a chance.

So, eventually; Las Vegas and surrounding cities will drain most of Central and Eastern Nevada completely of water.

That's right; like the next step in a hideous dance of self-destruction; Las Vegas intends to kill all the bush-meat over an area possibly bigger than the State of Vermont. But, instead of eating their bush-meat; they'll just kill them (and pretend it was someone or something else).

Without water, any hope of economic development in the Rural Nevada area will be impossible. The only use this land will have left is as a massive dumpsite for the nation.

That's right; a massive dumpsite for the whole nation right in Las Vegas' back yard. This is bound to harm tourism eventually. And worse; it's likely only a matter of time before Las Vegas gets boycotted because of the watergrab.

Essentially, the growth industry in Las Vegas is willing to take profits from the tourism industry. And not only will they be taking profits from the tourism industry in Central Nevada, they are willing to take profits from Las Vegas casinos.

Ultimately and obviously, the watergrab is a critical step towards turning Nevada into the dumpsite for the Nation.

I don't believe this is some massive conspiracy. This is effectively a trend. And it has been a trend ever since the Federal Government and Military secretly chose to use Nevada as a nuclear test site. They didn't care about Nevada – and neither will any of the other States, if they have dangerous waste to get rid of...

We were born into a system that is inherently unsustainable. Those who don't want to fix that have already considered themselves expendable. We can't safely live a Ponzi scheme. 

In a way; we expect our whole economy to work like some expanding perpetual motion machine – that keeps giving, no matter how much we take. The profit motive has been perverted into: We want our cake, and everybody and everything else's too.

Everyone knows that any system that relies on unlimited growth is a Ponzi scheme. Instead of a perpetual wealth machine – what we now have is a perpetual B.S. machine, driving us straight towards a Hell on Earth.

I'm not against capitalism. Capitalism is an intricate part of the human condition. (Our ancient ancestors were capitalists back before there was even money, or even humans – when female primates traded sex for food.) 

Money and capitalism are just tools. We need to learn how to use our tools right. And we need to reward good behavior better than profitable behavior.

Las Vegas could limit growth, trade desalinated water for a bigger allotment of Colorado River water, save water in Central Nevada for when we really need it, promote renewable energy, clean vehicles and mass transit; and consequently have plenty of water, the cleanest of air, and still be the funnest place to go in the country.

Or they can choose to continue to be a part of the biggest problem humanity has ever faced.

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