Friday, April 12, 2013

What If We Learn How To Live Forever, Just As We Kill God?

What if we learn how to live forever, just as we kill God?

I don't mean this question literally, of course. But figuratively, this question is possibly the most important question of our time. 


Allow me to explain. There are a number of religions that offer to help you live forever – after you die. This is not the “live forever” I'm talking about. I'm talking about developing the technology to live for a whole lot longer than we ever expected. It's not quite living forever. But it might seem like it from out present perspective.

And the “kill God” part? Well, that's little more complicated. Of course we couldn't kill an all-powerful being. But the “God” I'm speaking of is not all-powerful.

I know. I know. If it isn't all-powerful, it isn't really a God.
But God didn't make that rule. Man did.
Hear me out:
What if this God only functions as a God?

...Think of times when you were outside in Nature.
That wonderful feeling that, in that moment, everything is just right.
It may not feel all right, but it feels just right.

Some people call this the hand of God.
Some people call this God.
But whatever – It feeds us. It makes clean water for us. It mixes the air in just the right proportions. It surrounds us in a cocoon of life. In a way, it made us. In a way, it made all life.

To me, that sounds kind of like a God.
Life on Earth essentially functions as a not-all-powerful God.

In fact, in a way; whether one calls this the “hand of God,” “functioning as a God,” “natural God,” or “God” is really just a matter of semantics... I hope most people can relate to a “God” such as this, whether or not they believe in the supernatural God.

I suspect we all feel something very special when we are outdoors sometimes.
I'm not here to explain what that feeling is. So, I'll quit trying.
All I'm saying is that I believe we all know that our natural world, Life on Earth, is so very, very special that sometimes perceiving it as a not-all-powerful “God” is understandable.

And whether we want to believe it or not, we're killing it.

90 percent of the big fish in the oceans are gone. Fished out...
20 percent of the coral reefs in the oceans are dead. Global warming...
Starving sea lion babies are washing ashore on the coast of California. No fish to eat...
There's more. Much more... But it's just too painful to read.

You probably have some of you're own observations where you live. This isn't just confined to the oceans.

We are destroying the cocoon of life that created all life – and supports us in every way.

The Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, Achim Steiner, has stated; “Indeed the world is currently facing a sixth wave of extinctions, mainly as a result of human impacts.” This is may end up being the greatest extinction event in Earth's history.

Think about it... the irony...

We are on the verge of life after our expected death: 
gene therapy
micro and nanotechnology

There are some among us who may be capable of living far longer than our ancestors.

And though Life on Earth isn't exactly God to most of us, it's essentially doing God's work. Life on Earth functions as “God on Earth” for us. But, life on Earth can die. 

...What if we learn how to live forever, just as we kill God?

I believe that would be this world's definition of “Hell.”


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