Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What does it take to be

a few fries short of a Happy Meal?

Is it watching a train wreck from the tracks?

Is it watching a wildfire from the treetops?

Is it watching Global warming on your TV (powered by coal)?

OK... What does it take to be the very most fries short?

Is it putting up with SSSDD?


By the way, what's that on your TV?

Hey, looks like there's a tag team wrestling match on.

Its the Suicide Bombers vs. the Armageddon Army.

And it looks like the EAOW, MFP, and SVR are in the audience.

Oh! There's another wrestler in the ring! Looks like the Armageddon Army has hired the Mercenaries For Christ!

Oh! The Suicide Bombers are taking a beating!

But don't count them out.

Those Suicide Bombers have a strange way of coming back stronger.


Oh yeah... so... what does it take?

What does it take – that takes the cake?

How about; competing for the best seats on a sinking ship?

How about; scheming to be emperor of a collapsing civilization?

Here's best one, though:

How about; believing that you have to create a Hell on Earth in order to go to Heaven?

Wow! Have they gone koo-koo for cluster puffs?

Those CFCs win it, hands down! FUBARR!

They're ready to drink the Kool-Aid,

and they're insisting the rest of the world drink it too.

This Evangelical / Jewish / Jihad has got to stop!

You can't make the World better by making it worse.


BFD – Blind Faith Determinism

SSSDD – Same Stupid Slimeballs, Different Day

EAOW – Evil Atheists Opposing the War

MFP – "Moderate Fool" Pacifists

SVR – Screwed Veterans Resistance

cluster puffs – the explosion of cluster bombs

CFC – Crazy Fascist Christians

FUBARR – F#cked Up Beyond All Reasonable Religion

wWjd – What WOULD Jesus Do?

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dortiz said...

I spoke with a goup of people this week who believe all the answers to the worlds problems are in the book The Secret! I am very serious and now very scared. wWJD? I believe if he were living now.... he would be very scared also seeing how people are so brainwashed and greedy. He probably would try and buy a ticket on the next peace train trip somewhere secluded until it was all sorted out.