Friday, November 30, 2007

Water Grab photos

SNWA WATERGRAB PHOTOS, Rural Nevada Photos, and related photos.
These places are beautiful.

They are on the flickr website,
just search for "SNWA watergrab"
Check them out.

If you wish to share some of your own photos, add them to your own account on the flickr website. Be sure to use "SNWA watergrab" as key words. So, when anyone searches "SNWA watergrab," all of our photos will show up.


dortiz said...

Rick.....are you going to post dates on this site for the proposed 5 day trip that is mentioned at the flickr website? I have traveled some of the same places and yes indeed they are beautiful!

Rick Spilsbury said...

I will post dates for the Last Chance Expedition soon. They will be in Spring of '08 - soon after the Spring thaw.